The Dream of IPTV

I’ve been hearing some things lately about IPTV. I have my own opinions about this little service that may soon be in every home in America.

One of the coolest things that I’d like to point out about IPTV is that by its very nature its over the Internet. Many people don’t think about it but this will open up the ties to your local cable company. You will no longer have to live near the company you get your television from. With it over the Internet all you need is a fairly fast Internet connection and then you can look all over the Internet for a service that is cheap and that you would like no matter where they are, as long as you can have a fast enough connection to them you are good to go. Very similar to Vonage where you can have Vonage anywhere in the country as long as you have a decent connection.

I could get myself a broadband Internet connection then find any service provider that I think is worthy my money, then I could call them and they would send me the device I need, I hook it up to my Internet connection and my TV then I’m set.

This is a dream that you would make the world better and everyone would be happy that Direct TV and their local cable provider weren’t their only choices for television service.

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