The Floppy is Dead

I’ve seen a few articles recently talking about the death of the Floppy drive. A lot of them talk about a computer store in Britian called PC World dropping the floppy disk. I don’t know why that got a lot of coverage because I think what really killed the floppy disk is Windows Vista. Now when installing Windows Vista you don’t need a floppy disk to install additional drivers like you do with Windows XP. This is huge because I would always buy a floppy drive when building a new PC because I might need additional drivers when install XP. I will no longer have to buy a floppy drive.

Windows Vista can now pull drivers off of any removable media. I will be installing Vista for the first time in a couple of days once it comes in from Amazon and I hope that this will make it a lot easier for me when I install it on a RAID.

The floppy is dead, and Vista killed it.

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