’s top 25 Web Celebs

Who I think are actually important…

Number 9, Robert Scoble
Number 10, Michael Arrington
Number 12, Jimmy Wales
Number 15, Cory Doctrow

Number 17, Leo Laporte
Number 18, Merlin Mann
Number 23, Jason Calacanis
Number 24, Om Malik

Not that I think they didn’t do a good job its just that I don’t think that those others have influenced as many people. 8 out of 25 aint bad at all. I know these people have influenced me. Especially Leo Laporte, I think he deserves a higher ranking because in my opinion he is one of hte most amazing people, not only a hard worker with the large amount of podcasts he does but also with his radio show and tv show. He is very influencial and I think they underestimated him. For the most part otherwise I think Forbes hit it right on the money (in my list anyway).

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