802.11n Draft 2.0

This is the new IEEE draft for 802.11n this one, if excepted would be what we all wanted because it would allow interoperatability between draft 1.0 and this new one with some minor firmware upgrades. The only problem I have seen with the whole draft-n pre-n stuff is that even if you can achieve interoperatability between the old versions n and the new ones is most people don’t upgrade the firmware on their routers. I don’t know anyone who would actually seek out a new firmware version and install it. If the router works for them, they aren’t going to worry about it.

Voting for this draft will end in March, but after draft 2.0 we still have to go through a third draft. If everything runs smoothly that draft will be set in May then the finilized verison of 802.11n will come in 2008. Well that stinks doesn’t it. Especially since people need 802.11n now with all of the media coming to the living room. Although if you were smart you would just run eathernet throughout your whole house instead, wireless is just to unpredictable.

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