MacWorld Wish List

Well MacWorld as you know is next week and I have a few things that I want them to release.

  1. New Mac Minis with Core 2 Duo Processors
  2. New iPods with larger hard drives and bigger screens
  3. an Apple Phone that is GSM
  4. The iTV
  5. New Airport and Airport Express
  6. Even though they said that it would not be released until after Vista, Leopard
  7. iLife’07
  8. iWork’07 with a new Spreadsheet application
  9. New 8 Core Mac Pros
  10. Cinema Displays with built in iSight
  11. A new Low end 17″ cinema display
  12. Ultra Portable MacBook Pro with 12″ screen
  13. To give tools needed to build plugins for FrontRow
  14. New features for .mac including larger idisk capacity
  15. More Movies Studios in iTunes

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