The Calm Before the Storm

CES and MacWorld are both next week and everything seems to be very quiet. There are not very many stories out today for me to tell you about. Just a couple of leaks about what someone is going to do at CES, namely that HP won’t be showing DLP TV’s there. I think this has to be the calm before the storm so to speak. Next week will undoubtedly be big Apple most likely has some big announcements and I’m sure there will be some really cool new gadgets out there for everyone to play with throughout the year.

If you are bored and need something to read though, head over to the Inquirer where Charlie Demerjian has an article up regarding the whole Microsoft Acer Ferrari blogger thingy. Its a pretty good article and makes great points that I wish people would realize. This happens all the time with companies who release new products, its not them being evil its Microsoft realizing that there is next to no laptops available that will run Vista with Aero Glass effects turned on.

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