iTV May Be Passed Over at MacWorld

There are a few rumor sites talking about the iTV at MacWorld. The rumor is that Apple may pass over the iTV at MacWorld. I have a feeling that the iTV will get passed over at MacWorld and that it will be another “one more thing” keynote by steve a week or two after MacWorld. I am convinced that Apple will release it in January because they said they would and they cannot miss this. It is a huge debut and a big opportunity for Apple to take over the living room.

I am worried that the iTV will not have solid 802.11n support because I’m worried that the standard will not be as set as they hoped, I think that the iTV might start out with g but have an n chip in it much like some of the other Mac computers out there. I am excited for this MacWorld and might not get on the internet until Wednesday so that I can watch the keynote video instead of reading about it. Comment on what you plan on doing for MacWorld, what sites you will be watching or even weather you are going or not.

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