10 Web 2.0 Services I Couldn’t Live Without

Well I didn’t really have that many web sites that I really go to everyday because I only have about 6 or so bookmarks but I had to choose 10 and I’m pretty confident that if they stopped working right now I would go crazy.

  1. Digg – this is my favorite because for one thing I love the idea behind it and I think I’m addicted because I go there 20 times or more a day.
  2. del.icio.us – I just started to get into this site and I love it, there is a humongous amount of links on this site and the vast majority of them are amazing.
  3. WordPress – I happen to be a new convert to wordpress, I previously was just using blogger for all of my blogging but I love all the customizing abilities of wordpress.
  4. YouTube – I am on this site everyday just like everyone else in the world watching videos of people lip syncing to theme songs (I don’t really watch those, who does?).
  5. Revision3 – Well I don’t have cable at my house mostly because of this site. So much of the content on it is so good and even with the recent loss of Geekdrome I still use this practically everyday.
  6. TWIT – I don’t have cable so I spend most of my time watching video from the internet but when I’m in the car I listen to TWIT podcasts, they are awesome.
  7. Weblogs inc. – This site is basically a collection of really good blogs. With blogs like Engadget and The Unofficial Apple Weblog, how can you go wrong.
  8. FeedBurner – I love this and even though I don’t use it everyday I don’t think I could live without it because It is a great way to separate where my feed is from where it actually is. if for any reason my RSS feed has to change I just change where Feedburner looks and I have no problems.
  9. Flickr – Even though I don’t put many photos up on flickr all of my friends do and they send me links so I can view them there, I love flickr because it is very simple and its fun.
  10. Pandora – The coolest online radio site in the world because the radio station is yours. You put in a band or song you like and it creates a station for you all based on your original input.

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