New MacBook Owners Face Headphone Jack Issues

No one really seems to know what the problem is but it might have something to do with either the piece that actually holds the headphone jack in or some sort of weird interaction caused by the integrated mic in the headphone jack of the new MacBooks.

AppleInsider | MacBook owners frustrated by new audio jacks.

Apple To Release iTunes Replay On-Demand Video Service

Apple is believed to be wrapping up a new feature in iTunes 8 that will allow users to stream their iTunes video purchases directly from the company’s servers for playback anywhere, anytime without eating up local storage.

AppleInsider | Apple prepping iTunes Replay on-demand video service.

MonoPrice’s Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter Coming Mid March

MonoPrice Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter

MonoPrice has finally published an estimated arrival date for its Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter. The date for the cable is March 15, 2009 and will give all of you recent MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air owners the ability to connect your brand new notebook to anything that can take the (clearly) more universally excepted display connection.

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Peter Misek Predicts 3 iPhones This Year

Three new iPhones could be coming in 2009. The first is a 32G iPhone in multiple colours that is likely to arrive during the next six months. Next up is a lower-cost handset based on the 2.5G iPhone, which is targeted for China and India. Third is a smaller version – about one-third the size of the 3G iPhone – that costs 40% less and is also likely before year-end.

Thanks Peter Misek, but it seems as though you are just making these predictions on the chance that they might happen, because if they don’t, everyone will forget about your prediction, but if you are right everyone will praise you for your foresight.

Canaccord: Three New iPhones Expected in 2009 — Seeking Alpha.

Snow Leopard Might Include Location and Multi-touch Tools

Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard operating system will include tools borrowed from the iPhone that let developers determine the geographical location of Macs, as well as extend additional support for multi-touch to their apps, AppleInsider has learned.

I’m sure many developers have been waiting to use some of those cool multi-touch gestures that have been included in the latest Mac notebooks but the question I pose is: what about the desktop Macs?

Of course the same question could be posed about the location services that could be included in Snow Leopard. Although, it might be useful for applications like Google Earth.

But, even if these particular features aren’t that useful to desktop Mac users the rest of Snow Leopard is compelling enough that most (if not all) Mac users will be purchasing Snow Leopard as soon as it is available.

AppleInsider | Apple’s Snow Leopard to include location, multi-touch tools.

Apple Surveying New Apple TV Owners

Apple TV

Apple might actually be unsure of where to go with their little “hobby”. The Apple TV hasn’t really changed that much since its introduction. The ability to rent movies and buy content from the iTunes store was nice but in the grand scheme of things it really is just a way for Apple to make money from Apple TV owners.

But, now Apple has began asking recent Apple TV purchasers to take an online survey about how they use their Apple TV. The questions in the survey asked about what hardware the Apple TV is used with and where the video they watch on it came from. The survey even goes so far as to ask “If you could change one thing about your Apple TV, what would that be?”

Since I’ve had my Apple TV for as long as I have (before Take 2 was announced) I haven’t been asked to answer the survey but I will answer the most interesting question right here.

The one thing I would change about the Apple TV is that I would add the ability to plugin an Elgato EyeTV and turn the Apple TV into a DVR. The Apple TV would record content onto its internal hard drive and then sync it back to the iTunes Library the Apple TV is linked with. I would be able to watch live television through my Apple TV and schedule recordings with an onscreen guide. The recorded content would have the proper tags in the file so that the episode name, actors, episode number, season number, etc. was all filled out for me.

I know that this would probably never happen since it would cut into iTunes TV show and movie sales but it really is my dream. And, I didn’t even get into the fact that it would be better just because it was made by Apple (in a way I can’t even explain).

Apple Surveying Apple TV Owners About Habits and Wants – Mac Rumors.

Why I Want a Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle 2 On Table

There aren’t very many reason that someone would want the Kindle 2, for most it would be one big reason, they like reading books. Although the ability to purchase books wherever you are and download them directly to your device sounds nice if I purchased the Kindle (which I will hopefully be doing this summer) I wouldn’t buy a single book.

I don’t read a lot of books, and by that I mean I don’t read books. But, I do read every single day of my life. I probably read more often than the average american but none of that content is contained in books, all of it is online. the one drawback to reading a lot of content online though is that you have to read it on a computer monitor. Reading for long periods of time on a computer monitor causes quite a bit of eye strain and for most people the solution would be to print out whatever they are reading and then read it off of paper. I would much rather read off of the Kindle, its display looks like paper but not having to buy ink or actual paper is well worth the $360 to me.

A decent printer usually costs at least $100 anyway, but you can’t carry your printer around with you everywhere you go and surf the internet for free on it, with the Kindle you can.

I see the Kindle more as a web tablet then anything else. all I really want is to be able to read long articles without my eyes feeling like they are going to fall out, and that is what the Kindle is good at.

Sure, I’ll probably pay a few bucks a week so I can get some good newspapers delivered to my Kindle every morning but that feature isn’t nearly as important to me as the ability to read long form blog posts from all of my favorite web sites without having to start at a light the whole time.

Amazon has really done something amazing with the Kindle, and who knows, once I get used to reading stuff on it I might end up buying a few books (and actually reading them).

Kindle 2.

Amazon Kindle 2 Gets Official

Amazon Kindle 2 In Hand

That’s right the Kindle 2, which I posted some pretty legitimate looking details about 3 days ago is now official. The Kindle sports a brand new design that not only makes it more appealing to the eye but also makes it a lot easier to hold when you’re reading.

The thing is super thin and the display has a much quicker refresh rate then the previous Kindle. The display doesn’t just have a quicker refresh rate, it also can display 16 shades of gray instead of the 4 on the previous model. Amazon is also claiming a 25% longer battery life. All for the reasonable price of $359.

What I’m wondering now though is whether or not I really need a laptop at all. Between my iPhone and the Kindle 2 (which I haven’t ordered but hope to get one this summer) I don’t really know what else I need. I can do most of my work on the iPhone with all of the great 3rd party apps and all of the longer articles that I like to read can be read on the Kindle, which has a display that is significantly easier on the eyes than the iPhone’s.

The one aspect of my daily computing activities that I don’t see fitting into this scenario however is blogging. Luckily I have an iPhone and the WordPress app is pretty good, but posting media such as images or videos is nearly impossible on the iPhone. I could probably use the Press This bookmarklet for WordPress to post with new images but that isn’t ideal.

What it really comes down to is the fact that I could live for weeks with just a Kindle and my iPhone and be just fine, that is if WordPress would improve their iPhone app.

Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation).

Pioneer to Exit TV Business

A report in the Nikkei Japanese business journal claims that “Pioneer Corp. will pull the plug on its loss-ridden television business and shift its DVD player operations to a new venture with Sharp Corp. in a sweeping overhaul”.

This is very sad news if it is true. Pioneer (in my opinion and many others opinions) makes the best televisions in the world. Their Kuro HDTVs look better than any other TV in the world.

I really hope that Panasonic picks up the ball and starts making really good Plasma TVs. Although I don’t own a Plasma I do recognize that Plasma is a superior technology to LCD in terms of picture quality.

Report: Pioneer Exiting TV Business, Spinning Off DVD – Gearlog.

6 Different Windows 7 Versions Offer “Clear Choice” for Consumers

Does Microsoft really think that 6 different versions of Windows actually give consumers a “clear choice”? Thats outrageous, guess how many versions of Snow Leopard Apple is going to release…


A consumer version and a server version, that’s it. I have a feeling that Snow Leopard will give consumers a much clearer choice.

Windows 7 Lineup Offers Clear Choice for Consumers and Businesses

Apple Slowly Dropping Support for PowerPC

Apple has begun dropping compatibility for PowerPC processors. It all starts with some of the featres in iLife ’09.

System requirements found on the Apple Store website say, in fine print, “GarageBand Learn to Play requires an Intel-based Mac with a dual-core processor or better.”

and continue with the possibility of Snow Leopard not being compatible with PowerPC processors.

Official documentation from Apple gives clues that PowerPC Macs very well may be left out completely when Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is released sometime during the first half of this year. Developer copies distributed at WWDC last year included a requirements PDF that listed “an Intel processor” as the minimum necessary to run the software.

AppleInsider | iLife ’09 not fully compatible with PowerPC Macs.