Zune Update 2.5 Adds Purchasing of TV Shows to Zune’s Feature List

Microsoft’s Zune 2.5 update launches today and with it will come purchasable TV shows and more social features. You can now view friends Zune cards inside of the Zune software instead of using your browser to view them. There is also a return of auto playlists and the introduction of gapless playback. Dynamic friends list […]

Microsoft Giving Away A Zune A Day Until March 31

To enter to win an 8GB Zune all you have to do is: Select “Hotmail” on your mobile phone menu, or give them your cell phone number and Microsoft will text message you a link. Sign in to Hotmail with your existing Passport or Windows Live ID. Sen an e-mail to WINAZUNE@live.com with “Go Zune” […]

Zune Supports DVD Quality Video. Why Doesn’t the iPod?

One of the coolest things about the new Zunes is there ability to playback DVD quality video (up to 720×480 at 30fps, or 720×576 at 25fps). So this begs the question, why doesn’t the iPod? The iPod probably has the horsepower to play it back but why is it still stuck with 640×480 maximum?No one […]