Microsoft Zune Surpasses 2 Million Sales

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The Microsoft Zune is the number two digital music player in the United States, we already know that the Apple iPod is number one but just how far behind is the Zune? Turns out that the Zune is REALLY far behind, since its launch in November 2006, the Zune has sold 2 million units, by […]

Zune Update 2.5 Adds Purchasing of TV Shows to Zune’s Feature List

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Microsoft’s Zune 2.5 update launches today and with it will come purchasable TV shows and more social features. You can now view friends Zune cards inside of the Zune software instead of using your browser to view them. There is also a return of auto playlists and the introduction of gapless playback. Dynamic friends list […]

Microsoft Announces Games For the Zune

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Microsoft has announced games for the Zune will soon be available. The games are currently only going to be developed by XNA Studio developers.Details are very sparse right now, the only thing we really know is that the games will be available soon, right now we are unsure as to whether or not games will […]

Microsoft Giving Away A Zune A Day Until March 31

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To enter to win an 8GB Zune all you have to do is: Select “Hotmail” on your mobile phone menu, or give them your cell phone number and Microsoft will text message you a link. Sign in to Hotmail with your existing Passport or Windows Live ID. Sen an e-mail to with “Go Zune” […]

Remove 3-play Restriction From Zune Sharing

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With the latest firmware of the Zune, Microsoft has done away with the restriction of 3 days to listen to that song that your Zune friend sent to you, but the 3 play restriction is still there. A workaround has been found so that you can wirelessly share songs with your friends without your friend […]

2nd Generation Zune Video Output

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The new Zunes is out and there are quite a few people who absolutely love it. I have always like the Zune but Microsoft really improved it with this latest rev. Here is a video from Crave of the new user interface shown off on a projector.

Zune Supports DVD Quality Video. Why Doesn’t the iPod?

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One of the coolest things about the new Zunes is there ability to playback DVD quality video (up to 720×480 at 30fps, or 720×576 at 25fps). So this begs the question, why doesn’t the iPod? The iPod probably has the horsepower to play it back but why is it still stuck with 640×480 maximum?No one […]

More Details About the New Zune

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First of all, the official release date is November 13th. Secondly Microsoft will be making some changes to the Zune software. The Zune Marketplace is adding more then one million DRM-free MP3s, podcasts (really great for all of the great podcasts out there) and music videos will also be added. If all of you were […]

New Zunes Officially Announced

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  Three new Zune models have been announced, two flash based models and one hard drive model. Flash based Zunes: “Zune 4” with 4GB and the “Zune 8” with 8GB. Uses the “Zune Pad” which is a four way touch-sensative directional pad. Zune 4 will sell for $150 and the Zune 8 for $200. Both […]

Zune 2 Details Leaked

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Engadget has posted some details about the Zune 2. The new Zune sounds interesting, I’m not sure if it will be very successful, probably better then the original Zune but the Zune 2 won’t be quite as popular as the iPod is. So let’s get into some of the details, October 16th is the launch […]

Zune Price Drop

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The day before the Apple event (2 days ago) Microsoft had an announcement as well, a price drop on Zunes. The price of the Zune has dropped to $199 so instead of buying an iPod Nano with 8GB of memory and a 2″ screen you can get a 30GB Zune with a 3″ screen. I […]

Zune-Arts Video: Float by Vitamin

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This is a promotional video. The video is created by Vitamin Pictures and the soundtrack is by “What Made Milwaukee Famous”.

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