iPhone 2.0 Beta Gets YouTube Support in Safari

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The Boy Genius Report spent a little bit of time messing around with the latest iPhone SDK and if you remember a little while ago they were saying that there was YouTube support in Safari? Well it is finally here, what it actually does is when you visit a web page with a YouTube video […]

Adobe Adds H.264 Support into Flash, Did YouTube Know?

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Adobe announced yesterday that they will be adding H.264 video playback to their Flash product. I have to wonder whether or not YouTube knew about this move. YouTube uses .flv videos as a standard on all of their videos however ever since the AppleTV was capable of playing YouTube videos YouTube has also had H.264 […]

1 Year Old Uses iPhone, and a new YouTube embedded player

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This was also a pretty good opportunity to try out the new YouTube embedded player. I added the two videos of the 1 year old using the iPhone to a playlist and then put that into a custom YouTube player, changing the color of it was really easy and I think the new YouTube player […]

iPhone Ad – Surprised

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Apple released a new iPhone ad Recently called “Surprised.” It’s about YouTube on the iPhone, and here it is:

YouTube on AppleTV Video Tour

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Gizmodo has a hands on tour with YouTube on the AppleTV. A Little AppleTV YouTube Tour [Gizmodo]

First Full Length Film Debuting on YouTube

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Four Eyed Monsters is a movie developed by two video bloggers and has debuted on YouTube. The entire 71:54 minute film is going to be available on YouTube for one week only. Spout.com has agreed to give $1 to the makers of this movie for everyone who joins from the link on the YouTube page […]

YouTube Coming to AppleTV

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Apple TV’s will soon be able to watch YouTube videos on there widescreen TV right in there living room. It will be streamed from the internet to the AppleTV. Apple will also begin a build to order option for Apple TV’s with 160GB hard drives for $399. Press Release

YouTube Video Awards Results Are In

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The YouTube awards have finished and the result are in, I don’t really agree with a lot of them so I’ll let you know what I thought of all of them. Most Creative OK Go – Here it Goes Again Extremely creative and very fun to watch Best Comedy Smosh – Smosh Short 2: Stranded […]

Youtube gets legal TV episodes

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Digital Music Group (DMG) has made a deal with YouTube sharing over 4,000 hours of video content. Including episodes of Gumby and I Spy. although they are a strange start but I think that this is something that Youtube needs to monotize and start making some money. DMG will also be sharing some music videos […]

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