Windows XP To Stick Around Until 2010

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Microsoft has announced that they are going to be extending support for Windows XP because many of the computers in the market today are incapable of running Windows Vista. Microsoft had previously set the date for the end of XP on June 30, 2008 but since there are so many computer that still can’t run […]

I’m Moving Back to Windows XP

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No, it isn’t what you are thinking, my primary computer is still going to be my MacBook, but what is going to change is my secondary computer. My PC that usually just sits in the corner and is either off or is encoding away at the latest Netflix DVD so that I can watch it […]

Windows Vista Crack Released

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A pirate group named Pantheon has just released a crack that would allow any non-activated instillation of Windows Vista (Home Basic, Premium, or Ultimate) to be properly activated and made fully-operational. Unlike cracks that have been released in the past this crack doesn’t just replace activation files with beta files or do a timestop crack, […]

XP SP3, Facebook Code, Vista SP1, all Leaked

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I’m not going to talk much about all of these leaks because I think that too many people are talking too much about it. All you need to know is that Windows XP service pack 3, Facebook homepage code, and Windows Vista service pack 1 have all been leaked. This is very surprising to me […]

Get Some of the Great Vista Features in XP with Vista Transformation Pack

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I use Windows Vista on my home computer but when I go over to my friends and families houses they only have Windows XP. I really miss some of those great features from Vista. Now I can let them all know that for free they can add a lot of that functionality with the Vista […]

244 Copies of Windows Vista Sold in China

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According to only 244 genuine copies of Windows Vista have been sold in China. The software piracy in China is so rampant that almost all of the copies of Vista that have been sold are pirated. In some places you can find Windows Vista on the streets for as low as $1. I don’t […]

iTunes 7 updated to 7.1 but no Vista support yet

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iTunes was updated to 7.1 yesterday but it still doesn’t have full support for Windows Vista yet. The update that has fixed some of the problems that occurred with Windows Vista along with some other bugs, but most notably added a full screen CoverFlow view along with support for the AppleTv. If you are running […]

Writing Perl Scripts With Vista Speech Recognition

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Doesn’t work as well as they say I guess. I haven’t had a chance to try it out but I’ve heard its pretty good. This video shows otherwise.

Bill Gates Interview on the Today Show

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Bill Gates talks about Windows Vista, OSX, launch prices, and security.

The Wow has started now!

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Well many of you out there have seen Vista and maybe have been playing with it for the past few months, well I booted a Vista PC, it was my own, I probably played with it for about 2 minutes before I realized why it looked like crap, I didn’t have drivers for my graphics […]

Weekly Picks

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These are the things that I wanted to buy this week. There wasn’t very many products that I wanted this week so there are only two of them. I might not actually buy them but I do want them. The Orange iPod Shuffle. Even though I have the silver first rev one I want the […]

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