Welcome Folks from Fechr

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Today I am the featured blog on Fechr.com. I want to let everyone know who is viewing this on Fechr.com that I use a plugin called Lytebox, which lets me show larger pictures or html pages inside a “lightbox” using some ajax and it does not work if you are viewing this on fechr.com. If […]

Vacation This Weekend

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I am going on vacation this weekend and will be gone until Monday night. That won’t mean to much to all of you readers, I have written up some things to show up over the weekend so you will still get the same amount of content. One thing that you will notice is if something […]

I thought you were taking the day off?

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I know, I know, I did say I was possibly taking today off but I woke up and saw all the cool stuff going on with Ooma and decided to do a little writing. Now am taking tomorrow off without a doubt but I will be back writing 2 posts a day over the weekend […]

Taking the day off tomorrow

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Tomorrow, July 19, I will taking the day off from blogging and possibly even the following day. I have to have some dental work done and I’m not sure how well I’m going to feel afterwards. I hope I’ll be able to do a little posting on Friday, even if it is only just one […]

Slowed Release Schedule This Week

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As some of you may know, if you’ve followed my blog long enough, I try to keep a regular release schedule here at my blog of 3 posts a day on week days and 1 a day on weekends. Well, this week I am going to be donating some of my time at my church […]

Bill Gates now 2nd Richest Man in the World

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Bill Gates has dropped to number two on the list of world richest. Now the world richest person is Carlos Slim owner of America Movil, a Mexican wireless telecommunication company. The companies stock has sky rocketed 27% in the last quarter bringing his worth to $67.8 Billion. The company is the fifth largest telecommunications company […]

Dull News During the Summer

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The Summer is always very dull when it comes to news in the technology space. Not only that but the number of people visiting websites dips like you wouldn’t believe. Summer is always a bad time for the technology industry, no one wants to be inside on the computer but outside playing in the sun. […]

Updated to the Newest Version of GlossyBlue

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I finally got around to upgrading my WordPress theme, GlossyBlue, to its most recent version. I like this one a heck of a lot better. I like the footer on it for one thing. Its great knowing that all of my readers coming from search engines can get a nice link to my recent posts. […]

CyberSurge has returned

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After some time off visiting family I have returned! I didn’t have a good enough internet connection to really do any blogging just dial-up and that wasn’t worth anyones time. Today I’ll have just a post or two after this one and similar numbers tomorrow but next week CyberSurge will be back in full force.

Slow Week This Week

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This week may be a little slow here at CyberSurge, I’m going to be out of town and visiting my sister. Some of the stories that are posted may end up being a little old by the time they are released. What I did is I wrote up some posts over the weekend while I […]

LightBox WordPress Plugin

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I have just installed LightBox 2 on this blog, if you didn’t already notice (click on the picture). I think I’m going to begin using it. I think it’s pretty neat, I haven’t played around with it too much but I think I’m going to be using it for a lot of my posts. If […]

Upgraded to 2.1.3

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I usually wait a little bit after releases of WordPress to make sure everything works well and there are all around no problems or bugs in it. I waited just long enough from the 2.1 upgrade that I missed the whole security issue, after that I waited a little bit longer to upgrade to the […]

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