Samsung Announces 256GB SSD

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Samsung recently announced a 256GB SSD, the MLC-flash SATA II drive has speeds of 200MBps read and 160MBps sequential write. Samsung claims that this is the largest capacity SSD with a SATA II interface, they are also stating mean time before failures of 1 million hours. Power consumption is down to 0.9 watts in “active […]

SD to 2.5″ Solid State Disk, DIY Kit

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Want to get your hands on one of those new fancy SSD but have a DIY side? well now you can buy yourself 2 or 4 SD cards and this SSD kit and you can have yourself your very own Solid State Disk. With a full capacity of 4 2GB SD cards you can have […]

Sandisk Solid State Hard Drive

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Sandisk is releasing a solid state hard drive it will be a 32GB drive and will cost about $600. They are saying 2 million hours as mean time before failure. Having a 62MB per second sustained read rate it is fairly fast, It also is said to only use .4 watts of power compared to […]

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