Apple MacBook Air Rumor

MacBooks and MacBook Pros To Get Multi-Touch Trackpads

MacRumors has reported a few times that the multi-touch trackpad (debuting with the MacBook Air) will soon be found in MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and I say “duh.”

Speculating that the multi-touch trackpad will be in the MacBook and MacBook Pro is like saying that Intel’s next line of processors will be faster than previous models.

Of course Apple will be adding these new trackpad features to these notebooks the only question is… when?

MacRumors says that the MacBook Pro is due for an update and it is likely that the MacBook Pro will see the new trackpads before the MacBooks, although they also mention that the MacBook Pro did see a small update in November 2007.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the next few weeks but I don’t really think that we will see it in the MacBook for a month or so after we see it in the MacBook Pro. According to the MacBook Pro is overdue for a replacement but the MacBook may not see an update for 3 months or so.

I would love to see these multi-touch trackpads in action, my only problem with these new trackpads though is that the button under the trackpad is much smaller than on my MacBook (which may make me a little frustrated for a bit).

Apple Rumor

Macworld Keynote Predictions

Last week I did a rumor recap for Macworld but today, before the keynote, I’d like to talk a little bit about the rumors that have surfaced since my recap and what I’m actually expecting to see today.

The major rumor is that at the keynonte Steve Jobs will be releasing a new notebook called the “MacBook Air,” someone poking around on Adium’s website noticed that a computer with the model name “MacBook Air” listed in their usage charts. Another interesting addition to this rumor is that at the Mascone center, Apple put up banners saying “There’s something in the air.”

To be honest with you all that is really the only NEW development on Macworld rumors since my last post, now here’s what I think:

  1. ┬áiTunes movie rentals seems very likely, there is every reason for Apple to do so and I’m sure it would be well received by all of the iTunes customers. So I believe will see this today.
  2. iTunes video store in the AppleTV also seems very likely, currently the only thing that you can purchase videos on is your computer but if you could make that purchase through the AppleTV while sitting on your couch (combined with the movie rentals) it would really be a killer feature for the AppleTV. I do believe we will see this at the keynote although I’m not convinced that we will see new AppleTV’s just a software update.
  3. 16GB iPhone makes sense, there is certainly room for it but I’m not sure if we will see it today, I feel very comfortable only having 8GB on my iPhone and don’t feel constrained by that limit in the least. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw a 16GB iPhone but I don’t think it is very likely.
  4. I do think that we will see the MacBook Air but I’m not sure whether to think that it will be a replacement for the current MacBook or a whole new product that is smaller than the MacBook and the MacBook would continue to be sold. I tend to lean more towards the idea that the MacBook Air would replace the current MacBook, but that aside I do think we will see it today.
  5. The last thing I believe we will see later today is iTunes videos on DVDs being sold from Fox alongside some other studios. This would be especially great for customers, they wouldn’t have to break the DMCA just to do what they want with content they legally purchased.

This year I’m going to be following the keynote a little differently, instead of watching the live blogs (a list of them can be found here), instead I’ll be following Arstechnica on Twitter. Arstechnica started an account on Twitter specifically for Macworld and that is how I’m planning on getting my live coverage, than later today I’m going to be watching the video of the keynote once Apple makes it available on their website, and of course I’ll have my reactions to the keynote either a few hours after it happens or tomorrow, depending on how big the announcements are.

Apple MacWorld Rumor

MacWorld Rumor Recap

The MacWorld 2008 keynote is next week and I figured I would just run through all of the rumors that have been going around the internet for what is going to happen at the keynote.

iTunes Movie Rentals – This has been going around for months now but was practically confirmed when a story was posted in the New York Times talking about it.

iTunes Video Store on AppleTV – This is mostly a hope more than a rumor for the keynote (I wasn’t able to find any rumor sites talking about it) but the idea behind it is for AppleTV’s to be able to purchase movies and TV shows very similarly to how you can now purchase music on the iPhone.

16GB iPhone – The story I linked to was of a fake but they also mention that a 16GB iPhone is imminent. I believe this to be true since there seems to be room at the $500 price point for a higher end iPhone.

3G iPhone – Many people were disappointed by the fact that the iPhone did not have a 3G chipset but Steve Jobs and the AT&T CEO have both said that a 3G iPhone is likely this year.

Apple Sub Notebook/New MacBook – Many people are expecting a sub-notebook at MacWorld while others believe that it isn’t exactly a sub-notebook but actually a new MacBook. (I think it is going to be a new MacBook).

Mac OS X 10.5.2 – There are still some bugs left in Leopard and many are expecting them to be fixed up during MacWorld.

Apple Tablet – Imagine an iPhone with a larger screen that ran a full version of OS X, wouldn’t that be cool?

Jay-Z and Apple Start a Record Label – Bypassing the major record labels all together, Apple would then be super connected to a record label that would have some sort of exclusive deal with Jay-Z selling all of the music exclusively through iTunes.

DVD’s with iTunes video on the disc – This rumor has been everything but confirmed by Apple, it is one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard to give the people what they want without having to force the consumers to break the law.

So, these rumors are all fine and dandy but how are you going to find out what is happening during the keynote? Luckily there are many blogs that do live coverage of the keynote as it happens. Check out the links below for live coverage:

  1. AppleMatters
  2. ArsTechnica
  3. Daily Tech Talk
  4. Engadget
  5. LoopRumors
  6. MacBlog (Italian)
  7. MacUser
  8. MacRumors
  9. MacScoop
  10. MacTeens
  11. POMCast (In four languages)
  12. Share MacWorld
  13. Stuff
  14. The Mac Mind
  15. The Apple Blog
  16. The Mac Observer
  17. TUAW
  18. World of Apple
Apple Notebooks Rumor

More Apple Sub-Notebook Rumors

MacRumors has had from a reliable source some interesting features in a possible upcoming notebook due at MacWorld 2008.

The rumor says that the notebook will not include an internal optical drive. The removal of the optical drive is most likely the result of size constraints. Although the optical drive will not be internal Apple is said to be offering an external optical drive with the notebook.

MacRumors also says that Apple will be releasing more than one notebook revision at MacWorld. They say that one of these revisions will include a multi-touch trackpad.This new story only adds to the Boy Genius’ post “confirming” a new Apple notebook at MacWorld (I only put it in “” because we won’t know for sure until MacWorld).

I’m not exactly sure what to think of these rumors but they seem to be very credible, not to mention the fact that the rumors are EVERYWHERE.

I’m not really sure what to think of MacWorld this year, I’m sure I’ll do a predictions post a few days before the keynote. I just hope there is something interesting to add to the AppleTV, I REALLY WANT ITUNES RENTALS!

Apple iPhone Rumor

Details on iPhone Firmware 1.1.3

Gearlive has a gallery of photos of iPhone firmware 1.1.3. Gearlive isn’t a known source for images of upcoming Apple products but the pictures look very convincing.

The new features shown off in the gallery are:

  1. Rearranging the icons on your home screen
  2. Locate Me integration with Google Maps (pseudo-GPS)
  3. Sending SMS to multiple people
  4. Add Safari Bookmarks to your home screen

Gearlive also mentions that if you unlocked your phone using AnySIM you can expect firmware 1.1.3 to brick it.

Gearlive (the page was very slow last night when this story broke)

Apple iTunes Rumor

Fox Signs Deal With Apple for iTunes Movies

More Apple rumors showing up today, supposedly Fox has agreed to an iTunes movie deal. These movies will (according to the rumor) be for rental, allowing iTunes users to watch a rented movie for a limited time.

It also seems that Fox may be including a FairPlay protected video file of select movies when you purchase the DVD, allowing consumers to transfer the video file to their computer and play it on their iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, etc.

Pricing was not talked about but if I had to guess I would say around $3-4.

It has been mentioned before that rentals might be coming to iTunes but this is the first report that may have a little truth behind it.

(By the way, this will make my Christmas gift, the Apple TV, much more valuable to me)

Hopefully we will learn more on January 14 when MacWorld starts.


On a side note, this makes me want to speculate a little bit as to what to expect at MacWorld. At one point my thought was that the majority of the MacWorld keynote would be used to talk about the iPhone, but I may have changed my tune. I do still think that a small part of it will be used to talk about the iPhone but I think it will be mostly sales results and the addition of a 16GB version. I also think that there will be a new design for the MacBook but I also think a large portion of the time will be spent on the AppleTV.

I believe that Apple will release a new software upgrade to the AppleTV that will allow you to purchase content in the living room using the AppleTV, nothing has really happened to the AppleTV since its release except for the addition of YouTube functionality but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a major upgrade to the software (possibly the hardware as well but I don’t think that is likely).

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see, expect me to do a little more speculating between now and January 14, oh, and I can’t wait!

Apple Notebooks Rumor

New Apple Notebooks at MacWorld – Unofficially Confirmed

The Boy Genius Report is saying that “Apple will 100% be announcing a new laptop at MacWorld.”

The source of the unofficial confirmation is that when Apple held a holiday event recently they had artists perform and instead of paying the talent, Apple decided to promise every performer and band member a new laptop when they are announced at MacWorld.

They also say that the laptop will go on sale one week after the announcement.

There is no confirmation as to what the laptop will look like, but the rumors have said that it will be a sub notebook priced at about $1,500.

I have taken my stand saying that it won’t be a sub notebook but rather a new design for the MacBook line of notebooks. The MacBook is the only Mac that isn’t made out of aluminum and it is likely that Apple would like to have a top to bottom look for their computers.

Remember that rumors like these are a dime a dozen, especially leading up to MacWorld. You may choose to believe it, you may not, but we will find out for sure come January 14.

Apple’s new laptops: confirmed! – The Boy Genius Report

Apple Notebooks Rumor

Ultra-Portable MacBook Pro Announcement At MacWorld?

MacWorld is right around the corner and roughly translated that means “let the predictions and rumors begin.” I’m not going to be doing any predictions today, I’ll probably be doing that a little bit closer to the MacWorld keynote but I will address a rumor that was going around last week.

After a report on CNBC all of the wonderful Apple blogs (I know I talk about Apple products but I don’t consider myself an “Apple blog” because I usually don’t jump on stories quite as quickly as others do) started talking about it. The rumor was that Apple will be introducing a ultra-portable MacBook Pro that would be about 0.5 inches thick, have a 13.3 inch or less screen, and have a SSD instead of a regular hard drive.

This rumor has been going on for quite some time but when CNBC reports it, it gives a little bit more credibility to the story. I personally believe that this rumor is true, it is very likely that an ultra-portable notebook would sell very well especially if it is priced at $1,500 (which is what the rumor is saying).

Many blogs have reported that the ordering of LED-backlit screens sheds more truth the the rumor but don’t think that that is really true, you see, the 13.3″ MacBook doesn’t have LED-backlit displays although the 15.4″ MacBook Pro does. I think that the ordering of LED-backlit screens is just Apple deciding to start selling MacBooks with LED-backlit displays.

We’ll see how this rumor pans out come January, I do think that ultra-portable notebooks could be on the agenda but I’m not willing to bet on it.

By the way, this rumor has been going on for some time, if you remember about a month ago I wrote this post.


Apple iTunes Media Rumor

iTunes Movie Pricing May Hit $15 Each (Update)

This is just a rumor but the internet has been all a buzz about the possibility of iTunes movies getting a bit of a price increase to $15 each.

Now this doesn’t make any sense AT ALL I’ll prove it to you, currently in the iTunes music store Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause is priced at $14.99… hmmmm.

Looks like the pricing is already set (for some movies) at $15. Now this rumor could be saying that the new releases will be priced at $15 instead of $12.99 (which I wouldn’t be too opposed to).

When I first read about this I was assuming that they meant that all of the movies may end up being priced at $15 but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense so after reading a bit more I am now assuming that the $9.99 movies will stay priced at $9.99.

Now the reason this rumor is a little more interesting is for two reasons:

Reason 1: Apple may be doing this to try to lure more studios (specifically Fox) to sign on to put movies in the iTunes store.

Reason 2: This part of the rumor is very intriguing to me, it also mentions that Apple may also be trying to get movie studios to encode iTunes friendly versions of the movie on the DVD so people can import the movie into their iTunes to play them on their iPods, iPhones, and AppleTVs.

I think that the idea of being able to put the DVD into your computer, import the movie into iTunes, and watch it truly wherever I want is absolutely amazing (by the way I’ve always wondered why movie studios never sold HD versions of their movies encoded in MP4 on DVDs, oh well).

I’m curious if any of you would be willing to pay an extra few bucks (or the same price) for a DVD with an iTunes version on the disk?

oh, and Jason Chen (Gizmodo) a pre-encoded version of a movie IS a huge deal, I understand that their are programs that will take a DVD to iPod/AppleTV format with one click but it is a little bit more time consuming than that, maybe the 2-3 hour conversion time for a 1hr 30min movie would be a nice thing to skip.


UPDATE: Sorry, it seems I must have read this story from all the wrong places, the $15 price will be the wholesale price for the movie which means that the price of the movie to the consumer will likely be much more. This also helps point to the possibility of movie rentals in the iTunes store. One quick thing Apple, if a movie rental ends up costing any more than $4 per movie I am NOT going to rent it.

Apple Mobile Notebooks Rumor

Apple May Introduce an Ultra-Portable Notebook at Macworld

An ultra-portable Mac notebook has been rumored ever since the end of the 12″ Powerbook.

I personally have always loved smaller notebooks, I mean, the whole reason of having a laptop is its portability.

Well, anyway, the ultra-portable Mac rumor has started up again. This time the rumor comes from AppleInsider who says that the ultra-portable Mac will have a 13″ screen with LED backlighting, will weigh 50 percent less than the current 15″ MacBook Pro, and will use solid state storage. The ultra-portable will also be missing an optical drive to maintain a slim design.

The ultra-portable MacBook Pro is supposed to debut this January at MacWorld.

I’m not really sure if I buy the rumor, basically because it has been the same rumor for what seems like forever. I would love to see an ultra-portable notebook but I am not really sure if it will show up.


Apple iTunes Media Rumor

iTunes Movie Rentals Coming Soon?

It is very possible that iTunes will soon be offering movie rentals in the iTunes music store.

Some clever and curious people have run an application called “strings” on iTunes allowing them to look at the various strings of text in a file.

Some of the strings that came up were:


The reason that this is exciting is that no one wants to pay $10 for a movie that they probably will only watch once. A cheaper option that only lasts a week or so would be great.

I don’t actually watch any movies from iTunes, I would much rather just get it through Netflix. I don’t really have to watch the movie now but if it’s only a few bucks it would definitely be something I would consider.

Video Rentals coming Soon to iTunes?

AMD Quad-Core Rumor

AMD Phenom Launch Details -Update

AMD is allegedly getting ready to launch the Phenom processor on November 19th. Some pricing for a few of the processors have already began leaking online.

The AMD Phenom X4 9500 which has a 95-watt thermal envelope and a 2.2GHz operating frequency should be priced at $280 (retail). The Phenom X4 9600 which runs at 2.3GHz with 512KB of L2 cache per core will be priced at $320 (retail). The final offering is the AMD Phenom X4 9700 will be priced at $330 and has an operating frequency of 2.4GHz and has a 125-watt thermal envelope.

The 9700 was originally going to be clocked at 2.6GHz and before you get worried about how stable the chip is, DailyTech suggests that the sudden decrease may have something to do with “creative marketing plans.”

AMD has also shown off 3.0GHz Phenom processors in the past but according to the roadmap we won’t be seeing Phenom processors with that kind of operating frequency until 2008.

UPDATE: DigiTimes suggests that the reason for the lack of 2.6GHz at launch may be to do with problems transitioning from 90nm to 65nm and that we may only see two Phenom CPUs at launch, those being the 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz models.

DigiTimes also goes on to say that the 2.4GHz 9700 model won’t be coming out until December.