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PS3 Ad Shows Screenshot of TV Show Download Feature

The rumor of Sony giving PS3 owners the ability to purchase downloadable video on their consoles has heated up because of a recent ad video floating around the internet. The video seems to show off many of the features of the Playstation 3 but very quickly flashes a screenshot of what seems to be a store front for TV shows.

Cartoon Network, NBC, MTV, HBO, and CW are shown in the screenshot but the question to ask is, when will this be unveiled? E3? Maybe.

Apple iPhone Photos Rumor

Quite Possibly Pictures of the Next iPhone?

French iPhone blog got these pictures sent to them anonymously and from what we already know about how the iPhone is supposed to look it seems to fit the bill pretty well.

It doesn’t look like it’s Photoshopped to me but it is still possible that this is just another iPhone knockoff.

If it is real, then this may be the reason for me to buy a new iPhone, although it doesn’t look like there are any added features that are all that interesting, there is just something nice about the look of this. It looks considerably shorter than the current iPhone and because there is less framing around the display it just looks smaller.

Apple iPhone Rants Rumor

Template of Next Generation iPhone Leaks From accessory Makers

The weak spot in Apple’s armor has almost always been the other companies that Apple works with, almost every time their is some sort of leak of a new product it isn’t by an Apple employee but by an employee of a company Apple is working with.

This time it is with the accessory makers, Apple sends information to them letting them know how they should design cases to put iPods or iPhones in and this time it leaked out in the form of a template showing what to expect the next iPhone to look like, design wise.

The next iPhone will have the same size screen but looks to also be available in white and possibly red. The next iPhone will also have some different curves on the sides and bottom but looks to be about the same size as the current iPhone.

Something else that is odd is that the current iPhone has two sensors above the speaker, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor but in this template it seems to show 3 sensors, or maybe the same two sensors and a small camera, which would prove Kevin Rose’s weird rumor of video iChat on the phone a possibility. It would also make me wrong, when Kevin Rose first talked about this I said this:

“I don’t think that there will be a camera on the front of the phone for video chatting, who the heck wants to video chat on their phone? Not me.” –Me

Now to talk about that 2.8″ screen iPhone for a second, I’m not sure whether I really buy it, changing the size of the screen on the iPhone will ruin a lot of what developers have been working on for months, all of these applications for the iPhone are being built with the 3.5″ screen in mind, the same goes for the web developers. But, then again I’m sure it is possible for Apple to purchase 2.8″ displays with the same resolution as the 3.5″ iPhone displays, but don’t forget that when you increase pixel density of a screen things start to get smaller and smaller, especially text and I don’t think Apple would want to sell a product where every user would have to struggle to read anything on the screen.


Apple AT&t iPhone Rumor

So is AT&T Going to Subsidize the 3G iPhone to $199?

In short, some people think yes, some people think no. I happen to believe that the iPhone won’t be sold for $199 for another couple years, it is still really new and the amount of money it costs to product the iPhone means that selling it for $199 doesn’t really make sense, especially since Apple has become to accustomed to selling hardware at a profit through the sales of the iPod and all of their computers.

I know that AT&T could subsidize the iPhone but it just doesn’t seem likely to me, especially since we already know that AT&T is giving Apple part of the revenue from the iPhone service.

I would probably buy the 3G iPhone if I could get it for $199 but it just doesn’t seem very likely.

AT&T to cut the price of Apple’s new iPhone

Apple iPhone Rumor

Early Details On 3G iPhone

Engadget is saying that they have “it on authority that the second-gen iPhone is already well into testing, and numerous unites are floating around in super secret pockets.”

They say that a trusted source had a chance to play with one and mentioned some things about it.

  • The second generation iPhone will be about the same size and only a little bit thicker than the first generation
  • It will have 3G and Real GPS
  • The back of the phone is no longer metal, the whole thing is glossy black and the volume buttons are now chrome.
  • Battery is still not user replaceable.
  • The headphone jack is no longer recessed.
  • The screen on the device is about the same size and resolution.
  • No info on storage capacity or battery life.

Engadget also said that it could be available as early as July and that nearly all of this info could change at any moment, remember it’s still far from being finalized.

So why would I buy this?

Well, I probably wouldn’t, 3G doesn’t matter to me in the area I live, I probably won’t be seeing 3G for another 2 years or so. GPS isn’t really anything I would care about because I don’t travel much and when I do I like to have a paper map and some directions as a hard copy, if I’m in a pinch though the triangulation that I get with my current iPhone is plenty. I personally like the back of the iPhone now, I know that the metal isn’t exactly the best for the antenna but I like the looks of it. I only use the headphones that came with the iPhone and I don’t care about being able to replace the battery.

Overall it doesn’t look like I would really be compelled to buy the new iPhone, the current phone is just fine for me and since the 3G iPhone is going to be running the same software as the iPhone I have, there just isn’t a thing that I need from this next generation.

Apple MacBook MacBook Pro Rumor

Aluminium MacBook With Multi-Touch and New MacBook Pro Design at WWDC

A reader of MacRumors came across a .Mac web page yesterday that contained images for Apple products. Two of the products on this web page aren’t shipping yet. A new Aluminium MacBook with Multi-Touch and a new MacBook Pro that looks super thin and has an iMac-like screen.

Usually this would just be dismissed as a Apple fan mock up but the web page did list a valid iTunes store account and password.

MacRumors didn’t like to the page because of the account information but did post screenshots of it.

The pages also included information for iTunes 8, a 32GB iPhone, and a WWDC launch date (June 10th).

The fact that this is a live site makes me find it very hard to believe but at the same time, the design work is very well done and looks very similar to designs that Apple uses on their site as well. So take this with a grain of salt if you’d like but it has been quite a while since we’ve seen any updates to the notebook designs and the upgrades mentioned are exactly what the rumors of design changes have been for months now. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is exactly what we saw.


Apple iPhone Rumor Video

Kevin Rose Says There’s A New iPhone Coming Soon

Kevin Rose of Digg fame has said that he has heard rumors that there will be a new iPhone (he calls it the iPhone pro) and says that it will have 3G support and a video camera on the face of the phone to be used for video chatting.

Kevin also says that the reason that the SDK doesn’t allow 3rd party developers to create apps that run in the background is because Apple doesn’t want to have an IM competitor by the time they come out with these new features.

First off, I don’t believe it, I do think that 3G support is coming soon but I don’t think that there will be a camera on the front of the phone for video chatting, who the heck wants to video chat on their phone? Not me.

I also don’t think this will make anyone want to upgrade to this “pro” version if they already have an iPhone, for me personally 3G support means nothing because I would have to drive about 2 hours before I find 3G towers but I also don’t care about the video chatting, so until Apple comes up with something really innovative, I still have no reason to purchase a new phone.

Apple iPhone Rumor

GearLive Says iPhone Is Getting Flash Support Soon

GearLive is reporting that the iPhone will soon be getting flash support in its mobile Safari browser.

GearLive has been pretty reliable with its rumors and I don’t doubt them at all. GearLive also mentions that it is possible that flash may be showing up around the same time as the SDK.

I have been using the iPhone since day one and to be honest, there may have been two instances in the entire time I’ve used it that I missed flash support. Most of the time when using Safari on my iPhone it is to quickly look up a fact or I use Google Reader to keep up with the news.

GearLive also mentions that many people were under the impression that there were limitations in the battery and CPU that was holding back flash support (I am included in that list), that is not true, the CPU and battery are very capable of doing flash and the only reason we haven’t seen it yet is because the business negotiations haven’t resulted in anything yet.


Apple iPhone MacBook Pro Rumor

February 26th Apple Event

There is quite a rumor going around that there will be an Apple event tentatively scheduled for Feb 26. The rumor says that this will be when Apple will release the iPhone/iTouch SDK and possibly some applications from privileged developers.

I hope that this is true, I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this darn SDK to come out, I just can’t wait to start loading up my iPhone with cool little applications.

There are also rumors that Apple may be announcing some products that they had been planning on releasing at NAB, Apple recently announced that they would not be attending that show.

I’ve also heard that it is possible that Apple could be releasing new MacBook Pros at the event, maybe with Intel’s new Penryn chip and (god I hope) a multi-touch trackpad, although with the price/performance of the MacBook Air, the multi-touch trackpad is one of the only things that is making me even consider purchasing that product, if I could get it in a MacBook Pro, that’s what I would buy.

9 To 5 Mac

Apple MacBook Pro Rumor

New MacBook Pros Rumored To Be Coming Soon


MiniBatteryLogger provides public battery tracking logs and recently an entry with an identifier of “MacBookPro4,1.”

Now the current MacBook Pros carry a system identifier label of “MacBookPro3,1.”

The latest developer seeds of Mac OS X 10.5.2 has also shown signs of the same model.

To make things a little bit more interesting Mac Rumors got confirmation that the battery log information came from an Apple IP address so the identifier number does have all the makings of being completely authentic.

Presumably this new MacBook Pro would include the new mobile Penryn chip and possibly even see the addition of the new mutli-trouch trackpad that can be found on the MacBook Air.

Mac Rumors

Playstation 3 Rumor Sony

Sony to Introduce 120GB or 160GB Playstation 3

There have been many rumors lately that Sony would be dropping the 80GB version of the Playstation 3 and come out with either a 120GB or 160GB version.

The new 120/160GB version would also come with the new Dualshock 3 controller.

There have already been signs of the 80GB version disappearing, Best Buy hasn’t been receiving stock of the 80GB PS3 for several weeks and employees of Best Buy have been asked to pull advertising for the 80GB model.

I’m not really sure why Sony would be coming out with a 120/160GB  since I’m not exactly sure why anyone would use that much space however it seems like it is incredibly likely since so many websites have been reporting the rumor.

This new rumor comes right on the heels of the Playstation 3 price drop rumor, but this new rumor leaves me wondering one thing, if the 80GB Playstation 3 is discontinued what will that mean for backwards compatibility of PS3’s?


Playstation 3 Rumor Sony

Rumors of a PS3 Price Drop

There have been rumors of a PS3 price drop ever since news came that the cost of manufacturing a PS3 was down to about $400.

Yesterday came news via kotaku that a Best Buy in Sterling, VA was having a managers special of 40GB Playstation 3’s for $299.

Not only that but the last time there were rumors of a Playstation 3 price drop Sony denied it, and shortly after denying it they went ahead and dropped the price. Out of the Register we learn that Sony is denying the price drop which isn’t exactly confirmation either way.

I really think that it would be smart for Sony to drop the price another $100, I don’t exactly doubt that they could financially and it wouldn’t hurt the Blu-ray format one bit, especially since the cheapest stand-alone Blu-ray players are going for around $330 on Amazon right now. Undercutting the price of other players while giving the customer a gaming machine for that price would be viewed as one heck of a value to consumers.

Let’s hope this dream will come true, I wouldn’t mind having a PS3 in my home theater.