My Leopard Impressions

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As many of you know Leopard came out on Friday and well, I have it (if you didn’t figure that out from my last post, I’ll have to make it clearer next time a situation like this arises). I do like Leopard a lot, many of the features are great but some of them aren’t […]

My iPhone Review

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I’m not going to do an extremely long review of the iPhone because everyone is doing that. I will say before I get too much farther into this I will let you all know that I am writing this on my iPhone so if there are any spelling errors, I blame the keyboard. Before I […]

iPhone Reviews Hit the Net

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Last night the first batch of iPhone reviews hit the internet. Not very many of them but they were all pretty good reviews. They all seems to say that even with its downsides it is still an amazing phone. The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype – “Talk about hype. In the last six months, […]

Nintendo DS Browser Review

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I purchased the Nintendo DS browser recently and I have to say it isn’t going to blow you away but can be very useful. I purchased the Nintendo DS browser about a week ago and have been using it ever since. I have tried many websites on it and I think it’s great. Along the […]

8800 Ultra Reviews on the Net

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The Nvidia 8800 Ultra is a really fast graphics card but it is really expensive. Here are some reviews on the card: [H]Enthusiast PC Perspective AnandTech Legit Reviews the Tech Report Hot Hardware Got Frag Guru3D

Nvidia Geforce 8600GTS Reviews and Benchmarks

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Nvidia released there newest mid range graphics cards recently and now the net is flooded with news and reviews of it. The card is now available and can be picked up for about $200. But lets get to it HardOCP, the Inquirer and PC Perspective all have great reviews of the cards and I think […]

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800

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I mentioned that Intel was soon to come out with a new Quad-Core Extreme edition chip here, but now you can look at some hard numbers. ExtremeTech did a great review of the processor and you check that out here.

A Full Day with Joost

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Yesterday I spent the entire day substituting Joost in whenever I would usually watch a podcast or watch TV. I’ll let you know how I did my little review and then tell you the results of it. I spent the first hour of Joost recording some information about it, such as how much data Joost […]

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