Tap Tap Revenge 2

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Tap Tap Revenge 2 hit the App Store two nights ago, the application is the sequel to the wonderfully successful Tap Tap Revenge. The sequel is very similar to the first version but there have been some improvements. The new game features over 150 free tracks to play with more tracks added every Thursday. The […]

Zen Bound Review

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Zen Bound is a fantastic game from Secret Exit. The game is described as “a calm and meditative game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures,” and that is exactly what it is. The challenge in the game is to wrap the rope around the wooden sculpture so that a certain percentage of the sculpture is […]

Review of Tap Tap Revenge For the iPhone

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If you remember my review of the iPod game Phase you’ll remember how much I love rhythm games. Tap Tap Revenge is just that, music plays and as notes come down from above you must tap on them as they cross over a line, if you hit it on time you get points, if you […]

Review of WordPress Application for iPhone

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Early this morning Automattic’s native iPhone application, WordPress was released. The app doesn’t have too many features other then being able to create posts, save local (as in, on the iPhone) drafts, editing, posts, and changing of post status. I haven’t seen any major bugs, the one that I did find though is that when […]

Moto Racer for the iPhone Review

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Moto Racer for the iPhone is another game that has some pretty frustrating game play (like Super Monkey Ball and in my honest opinion, Cro-Mag Rally). The game is just a motorcycle game with checkpoints and a timer, when the timer runs down your motorcycle stops. Moto Racer has 3 racers and 10 tracks all […]

Review of Byline for the iPhone

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Update: With the 1.0.1 update to Byline Phantomfish has added the ability to mark individual new items as read/undread by swiping across them in the list, they have added a share button, and a “Mark All as Read” function (really big deal to me). I was really hoping that Google would release a Google Reader […]

Enigmo For the iPhone Review

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I’ve spent almost as much time with Enigmo as I have with Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, and that’s a lot of time. So if you don’t already know Enigmo is a physics based game where you use different pieces to bounce, slide, or deflect water droplets around obstacles and into their corresponding container. It […]

iPhone 3G Reviews Come In

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The big 3 finally came out of NDA today and released their iPhone 3G reviews. I’m sure there are others with the device but of course since Mossberg, Pogue, and Baig write for the 3 biggest papers in the nation they get first shot at it. “But it’s not so much better that it turns […]

HTC Touch Cruise Hands On Video

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PhoneArena got their hands on a HTC Touch Cruise and was able to show it off on video. Personally the phone looks pretty good but it looks a little big and clunky (although I could be wrong, I’ve never held one myself). It is a decent looking design but unfortunately Windows Mobile isn’t exactly the […]

First MacBook Air Reviews Hit the Net

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The MacBook Air was announced last week and will be shipping next week so what will Apple do to keep people talking about them this week? How about having reviewers post their reviews today? Sounds great! There were 3 posted today: Wall Street Journal “beautiful, amazingly thin computer, but one whose unusual trade-offs may turn […]

Samsung x820 Review

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This year I purchased the Samsung x820 cell phone for my girlfriend for Christmas and she offered to write up a review of it for me so that I could put it on my blog. So here is what she had to say about the phone: “I got it as an early Christmas present. When […]

Phase for the iPod, A Review

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I recently purchased the brand new iPod game, Phase. Now I don’t really make a habit of reviewing video games on this blog but I had to make a special exception for this game. Phase is a game made by Harmonix, you may know that name from a little game called Guitar Hero. They also […]

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