Why I’m Not As Excited As I Was About the iPhone SDK

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So the iPhone SDK was announced just a few days ago and on that day I was terribly excited for the coming months, at that time I believed that this could be a fundamental change in the world of mobile computing. Not because no one had done it before, someone had done it before, in […]

Pirating Software – Mac Edition

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want to explain myself before I go on with this post. I feel as though it is important to understand how software piracy works, this isn’t to show how you can pirate software but to show you what software pirates do so that you can either help stop it (if you make software) or realize […]

I Second the Motion, Leopard Makes Me Mad Too

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That’s right, Leopard makes me mad! I don’t know exactly if it is Leopards fault but I do know that there isn’t any explanation for what I’m about to tell you, Leopard completely, and I mean completely crashes on me, almost weekly. Now this isn’t just a kernel panic, where I can hold down the […]

Why You Should Buy the iPhone And Not The iPod Touch

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   The iPod Touch was announced last week and a lot of people were thinking, “that is exactly what I wanted!” Well I’m here to tell you that you are wrong and that you do want the iPhone and not the iPod Touch, here is why: The calendar app can’t add events – Just like […]

iPhone Price Drop

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I’m not going to talk about any other announcements today because I am to upset about this one. HOW COULD APPLE DO THIS TO ITS CUSTOMERS. I waited outside in the incredibly hot sun for 7:30 hours waiting for this device and a short 2 months later they drop the price by $200! That is […]

Back from a Wonderful Weekend

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As some of you know I wasn’t home over the weekend. I was actually at a wedding, but that isn’t really technology related. What is is really my lack of what was going on over the weekend on the internet. I was in the wedding so had a few major responsibilities and subsequently wasn’t able […]

How Would I Change The AppleTV?

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Engadget asked a simple question yesterday, I never really gave the question much thought but the problem is, it was hard for me to come up with answers. “How would you change the AppleTV?” The first thing that came to mind after a few minutes of thinking was the addition of Joost. Yes I know […]

Regarding Google and the 700Mhz Spectrum

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So Google has thrown $4.6 Billion at the 700Mhz spectrum and a lot of people have come up with some theories about what Google is going to do with it. I have read that a lot of people think that Google is going to purchase the spectrum and build a data network throughout the US. […]

Debating on the iPhone

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I took a drive out to the two local AT&T stores in my area. There was not a single person there. This of course makes me want the iPhone more because I would be one of the extremely few people in my area that has an iPhone. I already use AT&T and have added a […]

Blockbuster Favors Blu-Ray

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According to Pittsburghlive.com, Blockbuster will lay its trust in the hands of Blu-ray over the hi-def war. 1,450 stores will begin stocking Blu-ray discs, not HD-DVD discs. “This could be the end for HD-DVD” is what many in the blogosphere are saying. Let’s look at it this way, Blockbuster is a huge company but I’m […]

Palm’s New Laptop-like Device, The Palm Foleo

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I know what most of you are thinking this device looks kind of cool but why would I ever want to buy one? Well I’ll tell you right now that I probably won’t ever buy one however if I had the extra money I would. Reason being: it is amazing. The Palm Foleo is very […]

My First Experience with Dual Monitors

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Yesterday I had my first experience using two monitors at once. And I am using two right now as well. I happen to be cleaning out my junk room (the room where you keep all your junk, everyone has one) and I found the monitor that I had been meaning to give to my girlfriend. […]

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