Apple Pulls Push Notification From 2.1 Beta 4 SDK

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Apple has come up with a solution to not having background applications on the iPhone, the ability for developers to push notifications to the device through Apple’s servers. This feature had been promised to have a September release date but in the latest version of the iPhone SDK (2.1 Beta 4) the feature was pulled. […]

In Reply to Ars Technica, What Apple Needs To Fix

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Yesterday Ars Technica posted this article talking about what is still wrong with the iPhone 3G, I suggest everyone read it first before reading this post. This post is just a reply to it point by point showing why they are wrong on most of them. Activation: Not that big of an issue, it was […]

Why I No Longer Need My iPods

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Just like many other geeks I have 3 iPods and now an iPhone but what I’ve realized is that since the App Store released I really no longer need all those iPods. The reason I’ve been keeping my iPod around is for the games and the ability to output video to a TV with my […]

How Yahoo is Way Ahead of the Curve in Location Based Services

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Many people think that Yahoo isn’t that good at putting new products infront of users and monetizing it, and they’re right. But, what they don’t realize is that Yahoo is way ahead of the curve in location based services and they don’t have to put it infront of users because other developers will. The product […]

Time Warner Cable Testing 40GB Download Cap

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Time Warner Cable will beginning testing a broadband service cap of 40GB/month in Beaumont, Texas. The first thing I want to say is that this would end up costing me roughly $40 more per month then what I am paying now. I would not consider myself to be a heavy user, I probably download roughly […]

Blu-ray Players Outsell DVD Players in Japan Last Month

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Although many people believe that Blu-ray is too little too late (I don’t agree with them) Blu-ray players actually outsold DVD players in Japan last month. I’m not sure what this means to us Americans, Japan usually seems to be ahead in these types of situations and it may take us a little longer to […]

My Idea Of The Perfect Network DVR

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I have been thinking a lot about DVRs lately, mostly because I saw the Nueros OSD and thought it was pretty cool, but I started thinking about what would be the perfect networked DVR and here’s what I came up with. The DVR would have an ATSC tuner and a H.264 encoder, this way the […]

The Microsoft Yahoo Deal Is Tiring.

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It’s possible that this Microsoft Yahoo deal might actually happen, the New York Times says that Microsoft has upped the original $44.6 billion bid by “several dollars.” The NYT didn’t say exactly by how much and the quote is from an unnamed source but at least they are talking. I still personally don’t want this […]

Template of Next Generation iPhone Leaks From accessory Makers

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The weak spot in Apple’s armor has almost always been the other companies that Apple works with, almost every time their is some sort of leak of a new product it isn’t by an Apple employee but by an employee of a company Apple is working with. This time it is with the accessory makers, […]

Adding Tumblr Into This Blogs RSS Feed

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So I’ve been playing around with Tumblr a little bit and I AM LOVING IT. Tumblr makes it so easy to post and I’ve been posting for a day or two. But, I’m trying to figure out how I can integrate Tumblr into this blog and I’m not sure how, what I’ve been thinking about […]

You Can Go Back To Believing Everything You Read On The Internet Now

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Yes, that’s right yesterday was April fools day and I stayed as far away from the internet as possible, not because I would believe the April fools day jokes but because I can’t stand them. I don’t understand why reputable sources of information, journalists, stoop to that level. It’s one thing for Google to make […]

Local News Websites Could Destroy “Traditional” Local News Sources

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A few days ago I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and we were talking about how weird it is that the internet has the power to basically destroy all types of business, such as magazines, newspapers, television providers (cable and satellite), telephone companies, television stations, the Postal Service, radio, etc. We were discussing […]

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