Should Apple Add Device Tutorials to iTunes?

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Apple’s devices are getting more and more complicated and as the user interfaces for those gadgets gets more and more simple there comes a time where Apple needs to really start letting their customers know how to use their devices. The new iPod Shuffle doesn’t have any buttons on it and the buttons ont the […]

The iPhone: It’s Not a Kindle

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Ever since the Kindle was released I’ve heard several technology pundits talk about how the iPhone could kill the Kindle by just adding some ebook features. The problem of course is that the mosts critical feature of the Kindle isn’t the fact that it has ubiquitous wireless access, it isn’t the Kindle store, and it […]

Why I Want a Kindle 2

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There aren’t very many reason that someone would want the Kindle 2, for most it would be one big reason, they like reading books. Although the ability to purchase books wherever you are and download them directly to your device sounds nice if I purchased the Kindle (which I will hopefully be doing this summer) […]

Amazon Kindle 2 Gets Official

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That’s right the Kindle 2, which I posted some pretty legitimate looking details about 3 days ago is now official. The Kindle sports a brand new design that not only makes it more appealing to the eye but also makes it a lot easier to hold when you’re reading. The thing is super thin and […]

The need for iPhone app folders and search is quickly approaching. No Thank You.

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Dear MG Siegler, Why the heck do you have 9 pages worth of applications? I understand that it is nice to have all of your applications with you at all times but I guarantee that you don’t use any more than 3 pages worth of them on a regular basis. I personally only have 2 […]

Sony Rumored to Debut 3.3″ Touchscreen Walkman at CES

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Sony is rumored to be debuting a brand new 3.3″ touchscreen Walkman at CES that will come in 16GB and 32GB models. The yet to be named device will feature an OLED display which should help save that oh so important battery life from draining too quickly while also giving the device some incredibly gorgeous […]

Why Can’t My iPhone Check My Email Less Often?

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One of the problems I have with the iPhone (and there aren’t that many) is that there is no way of having the iPhone check email less often than once an hour, you can set it to check every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, or manually. But, what if I want it to […]

Tech I’m Thankful For

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These past few years have been great in the world of technology and since today is Thanksgiving I thought I would share with all of you what I’m thankful for in this tech world. The iPhone, I still have the original iPhone but since I live in an area without 3G coverage it wasn’t worth […]

“Please Fix The iPhone,” Nah, I Think It’s Fine

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I’ve been pretty vocal about the fact that the iPhone is practically as good as it can get but I constantly hear people complaining about the iPhone and its very few downsides. What’s most frustrating about this is that most of these complaints, in my opinion at least may make the iPhone worse, not better. […]

Comment on Some apps & games stay on my iPhone out of guilt

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I commented on a 5ThirtyOne post talking about some flaws in the App Store. Since I haven’t talked much about the flaws of the App Store I thought I would also post the comment that I left on their blog here. My opinion of the App Store is pretty firm, it seems like it is […]

What Notebook Should I Purchase?

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Next June I’m planning on buying a new notebook and since I know this is going to happen I of course have been thinking about what notebook I’d like to buy. There isn’t much of a decision to make here since I already know of 4 contenders, the decision comes in when I try to […]

Do We Really Need Cut And Paste?

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I”ve spent the past year trying to figure out why everyone really NEEDS cut and paste in the iPhone. Since the day I purchased the iPhone (June 29, 2007) I’ve probably only been in 3 situations where I wished I had cut and paste available to me. I can’t name a single one of those […]

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