$199 Blu-Ray Drive Announced

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The format wars have really been heating up in the pricing side of things. The $99 sale of the HD-A2 was just the beginning. But, now you will be able to get yourself a $199 Blu-Ray drive for your PC, it is still far from a stand-alone player but is a step in the right […]

Xbox 360 Price Cut On all Versions

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According to Joystiq, the Xbox 360 will have a price cut. The price cut will affect all models, $20 off the Core system, $50 off the Premium system, and $30 off the Elite system. They are citing Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, and Circuit City flyers. This comes right on the heels of the Playstation 3 dropping in […]

Free Treo 680 More Expensive then iPhone Over 2 Years

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PalmAddicts did a wonderful comparison of the prices of the iPhone against the Treo 680 over the course of 2 years. It turns out that because the service plan of the Treo 680 is about $20 more expensive per month then the iPhone is for the same service the iPhone is cheaper, even though the […]

AMD Cuts CPU Prices

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A few days ago AMD cut prices again on their desktop processors. According to Cnet all of AMD’s Dual Core X2 desktop processors are now under $200, with the highest end X2 the Athlon 64 X2 6000+ at just under $200. The 3600+ and 3800+ X2 processors have been cut from the line up leaving […]

Sony Launching a 80GB PS3 for $599

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Not only is the 60GB version of the Playstation 3 getting a $100 price drop but also in August Sony will begin selling an 80GB version of the Playstation 3 for $599. The 80GB Playstation 3 has been available in Korea for a little while now but will be hitting the streets next month. Not […]

Playstation 3 Taking $100 Price Cut -Updatex2

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According GameDaily BIZ the Playstation 3’s price will be dropped $100 on July 12th. Sony has not confirmed this but they have gotten many reports from retailers that the price will be dropping. The price drop could be caused by the recent drop in prices of the Blue-laser pick-up heads that are being used in […]

Toshiba Cuts Price of HD-DVD Player to $299

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Well DigiTimes was wrong and I was wrong to rebroadcast their information. Toshiba has announced that their HD-A2 HD-DVD player will be priced at $299. This is a big step in the format wars. The prices have been going down since the initial debut of these players but I believe that the $300 mark is […]

Blockbuster Favors Blu-Ray

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According to Pittsburghlive.com, Blockbuster will lay its trust in the hands of Blu-ray over the hi-def war. 1,450 stores will begin stocking Blu-ray discs, not HD-DVD discs. “This could be the end for HD-DVD” is what many in the blogosphere are saying. Let’s look at it this way, Blockbuster is a huge company but I’m […]

$299 HD-DVD Players Unlikely to Happen this Year

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DigiTimes is claiming that because of Blue-laser diodes yields being so low. They said that any HD-DVD player being sold at that price would be being sold at less than production cost. The thing is the makers of the diodes including Sony and Matsushita (Panasonic) have assigned their production capacities for own use first. If […]

$299 Blu-Ray Player in June

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Pioneer will be the first to sell consumers a cheap next generation DVD drive, that is if no one beats them to the market. They are set to release there Blu-Ray player in the United States come June. The BDC-2202 can read BD-R discs at up to 5x and dual-layer discs at up to 2x. […]

Dramatic AMD Price Cuts

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AMD has yet again slashed prices to compete with Intel cutting prices on its entire line of processors. The highest end AM2 processor now tops out at $241. Even the Quad-FX processors have been cut in price the highest end being priced at $799/pair. On the low end you will be able to pick up […]

Lower Prices for AMD chips today

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AMD should be rolling out price cuts for its processors today after finally getting all the kinks out of its 65nm chips. The company will be cutting up to 35 percent on some high end chips. The price cut is primarily due to Intels price cuts in the recent months. AMD and Intel have been […]

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