From the Ashes of Podcaster Comes RSS Player

If you remember back in September there was an application announced for the iPhone called Podcaster that was denied from the App Store. The developer of Podcaster later released the application through Apple’s Ad-Hoc system essentially allowing him to sell the application without the App Store. Recently Almerica resubmitted Podcaster, under a different name (RSS […]

More Confirmation of Podcast Downloads in iPhone Firmware 2.2

Some more screenshots have hit the web that seem to confirm that iPhone firmware 2.2 will in fact enable downloading of podcasts directly to the device. These new screenshots, published on “Flo’s Weblog,” show the ability to download these pocasts even over the 3G network. The new functionality will let users browse podcasts from within […]

A Podcast Aggregator for the iPhone, Developers Get Working

One of the most important applications that I was excited about (and figured it would be a no brainer for someone to build is a podcast aggregator for the iPhone. One that would automatically check for podcasts on the feeds I gave it and ask me if ibwpupd like to download them to my iPhone. […]

Local News Websites Could Destroy “Traditional” Local News Sources

A few days ago I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and we were talking about how weird it is that the internet has the power to basically destroy all types of business, such as magazines, newspapers, television providers (cable and satellite), telephone companies, television stations, the Postal Service, radio, etc. We were discussing […]

Podcast of the Month – Jordan, Jesse, GO!

Jordan, Jesse, GO! “An irreverent, no-holds barred conversation with occasional psuedo-celebrity guests. Your hosts Jesse Thorn, “America’s Radio Sweetheart,” and Jordan Morris, “Boy Detective,” talk about the latest in their worlds, present original comedy and characters, and regular guests. From, the producers of The Sound of Young America, one of the world’s most popular […]