OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner is Now Shipping, Unboxing Pics

Everybody’s second favorite open source handset the OpenMoko FreeRunner is now shipping and unboxing pics have begun to show up online. I’m still very worried that the OpenMoko project is going to be destroyed by Google’s Android project. The OpenMoko project may not necessarily have anything over Android in terms of features but when it […]

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Screenshots

Some screenshots of Apple’s Snow Leopard have shown up online. The screenshots show that “Save as Web Application…” has been added to Safari 4 and Address Book now has hooks into Microsoft Exchange. The “Save as Web Application” isn’t too surprising, with Google Gears and Firefox 3 now having similar functionality that web developers can […]

Samsung Introduces the S2 “Pebble” and S3 Portable Media Players

Samsung has introduced two new media players into the market that look like great competitors compared to all of the other media players out there. The S2 “Pebble” is a tiny little audio player with 1GB of storage and an FM tuner. The S2 plays back WMA, MP3, and Ogg files and comes in purple, […]