Gaming Nintendo Parody Video Wii

Hilarious Wii fit Parody has done a wonderful job with this one. Wii fit is pretty rediculous because all of the things that it does, you can already do cheaper and easier with other items.

“don’t want to invest $3.19 on a hoola-hoop? Why not pick up a Wii for just $300 and enjoy the same fun but in the comfort of your living room without that annoying plastic hoop”

[via Geek Are Sexy]

Cell Phones Microsoft Mobile Parody Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile oFone, Who doesn’t want one

The Box is definitely on Saturn/Jupiter with this one. The Windows Mobile oFone. The first phone where you put the numbers wherever you like on the keypad. Featuring Microsofts Quick Fetch Plus and a Multi-player pong game for up to 3 players.Be the ballerina.
Adapt your app.