First Office 14 screenshots

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I’m not posting all of the leaked screenshots from Office 14, basically because I don’t know if anyone cares about anything but Excel and Word. Leaked: First Office 14 screenshots.

Office 2007 Priced at $29, in China

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In an effort to combat piracy, Microsoft has finally begun doing something that will actually help. Instead of putting more and more anti-piracy measures in Office they have lowered the price to the equivalent of $29. Microsoft has tried similar tactics in the past, like when they sold Office to college students at a drastically […]

Microsoft’s $59.95 Microsoft Office Ultimate Offer Ending Soon

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I talked about the “Ultimate Steal” last September, the Ultimate Steal is an offer to college students with a valid .edu email address and a course load of at least 0.5 credits (although I’m not sure if they would actually be able to check how many classes you are taking, the .edu email address may […]

Microsoft Announces Works SE (Sponsored Edition)

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Microsoft has begun offering a free advertising supported version of Microsoft Works, you know that not as good as Microsoft Office suite of applications that seems to be pre-installed on nearly every computer from major manufacturers because it only costs like $1.00 for the manufacturer to add it in, yea, that one. Currently this brand […]

Google Gears Syncs Its Teeth Into Google Docs

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Google Gears has been around for a while now and it has been one of my favorite features of Google Reader. But now Google has added similar functionality to Google Docs allowing users to edit and view there documents offline, just as they would if they were online, and when they reconnect the Google Gears […]

65,535=100,000 in Excel 2007

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According to Excel 2007, any equation that should result in 65,535 Excel 2007 will tell you that the answer is 100,000. I actually prefer 100,000 to 65,535, its an even number, it is easily divisible by 10, its a lot larger then 65,535. But, when I’m building complicated spreadsheets (which I don’t do) I think […] Coming Native to OS X Next Year

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Next September will be releasing its version 3.0 of the software which will finally give native support to OS X without having to install X11 beforehand. In case you Apple guys didn’t realize, you can already do this with a port of OpenOffice called NeoOffice that I have been using for months now. NeoOffice […]

Google Adds Presentation App to Google Docs

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Google today announced that there will be an addition of a presentation app to the Google Docs suite. This is what everyone has been waiting for, the last piece of the puzzle, now if they would just improve it and add some features it would be a real competitor. At its current feature set it […]

Microsoft Presents $59.95 Microsoft Office to Students

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Microsoft has started “The Ultimate Steal” which is a way for students to get Microsoft Office on the cheap, $59.95 for Office Ultimate 2007 to be exact. This is a really smart idea, especially since most students will resort to piracy to get the software, but at $59.95 I think that they would be willing […]

Google Adds StarOffice into Google Pack, and Who Cares?

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Recently there was a buzz around the blogosphere about Google adding StarOffice being added to the Google Pack. My question is: Who Cares? I don’t know anyone who downloads the Google pack and I don’t know why anyone would. Out of the 12 programs in the Google pack I would only suggest people use 4 […]

Microsoft Works To Be Available Free, Ad-Supported

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Microsoft will make Works available free with an ad-supported model. This is interesting to me, I think it is smart but I think they would be better off just giving it away for free without ads. Giving it away ad-supported isn’t a bad idea, it will probably keep people away from using wordpad which for […]

Aqua OpenOffice Released for Download

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OpenOffice is being ported to aqua so that Mac users can run OpenOffice without haveing to run X11. The latest release is an alpha version and according to the download page: “THIS SOFTWARE MAY CRASH AND MAY DESTROY YOUR DATA DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE FOR REAL WORK IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.” That is a […]

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