Microsoft Yahoo Deal Not Out The Window Yet

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I have to be honest with all of you what many of you think about the iPhone 3G I think about the Microsoft Yahoo story. I don’t believe it would be good for either company to merge and would only buy Google more time to increase its lead against the two in advertising. Yesterday Microsoft […]

Yahoo in Talks With Time Warner for AOL Merger

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Over the holiday weekend Yahoo spent time talking with Time Warner. Yahoo has been trying to figure out ways to fend off a takeover attempt by Microsoft and the crazy activist shareholder Carl Icahn. The idea is to merge AOL with Yahoo which would bring a lot of content and help the advertising area of […]

Windows 7 Features Shown Off On Video

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Windows 7 will have many improvements, some of which are shown off in this video, none of which are all that amazing but good to know none the less. Features Shown: Windows Explorer FTP Locations Keyboard Shortcuts Screen & Animation Capture Disk Usage Analyzer Task Manager Virtual Drive Website, Blog and Portal Designer Coming Soon […]

Microsoft Zune Surpasses 2 Million Sales

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The Microsoft Zune is the number two digital music player in the United States, we already know that the Apple iPod is number one but just how far behind is the Zune? Turns out that the Zune is REALLY far behind, since its launch in November 2006, the Zune has sold 2 million units, by […]

Some AMD Based Computers Having Problems With XP SP3

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The much anticipated Windows XP Service Pack 3 was recently pushed into Windows Update and is now causing a lot of headaches of AMD CPU users. One user reported “I just installed Windows XP SP3 and after completing the processes and when the system reboots, the system cannot proceed to lad the Windows. It just […]

Microsoft’s $59.95 Microsoft Office Ultimate Offer Ending Soon

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I talked about the “Ultimate Steal” last September, the Ultimate Steal is an offer to college students with a valid .edu email address and a course load of at least 0.5 credits (although I’m not sure if they would actually be able to check how many classes you are taking, the .edu email address may […]

Microsoft Abandons Yahoo Acquisition

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One year ago today was the first time I ever mentioned the idea of Microsoft acquiring Yahoo, at that time Microsoft had gone public with it but in February of this year Microsoft formally announced that they were offering $44.6 billion to acquire Yahoo. Microsoft then made a deadline for Yahoo to respond, which then […]

The Microsoft Yahoo Deal Is Tiring.

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It’s possible that this Microsoft Yahoo deal might actually happen, the New York Times says that Microsoft has upped the original $44.6 billion bid by “several dollars.” The NYT didn’t say exactly by how much and the quote is from an unnamed source but at least they are talking. I still personally don’t want this […]

What Happens Next In the Microsoft Takeover Bid For Yahoo

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The deadline for Yahoo to reply regarding the Microsoft take over ended Saturday night, so what happens next? Will Microsoft attempt a hostile take over, will Yahoo accept the bid, or will Microsoft walk away? I think that Microsoft will give a half hearted attempt at a hostile take over but eventually walk away. This […]

Microsoft Announces Works SE (Sponsored Edition)

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Microsoft has begun offering a free advertising supported version of Microsoft Works, you know that not as good as Microsoft Office suite of applications that seems to be pre-installed on nearly every computer from major manufacturers because it only costs like $1.00 for the manufacturer to add it in, yea, that one. Currently this brand […]

Windows XP To Stick Around Until 2010

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Microsoft has announced that they are going to be extending support for Windows XP because many of the computers in the market today are incapable of running Windows Vista. Microsoft had previously set the date for the end of XP on June 30, 2008 but since there are so many computer that still can’t run […]

I’m Moving Back to Windows XP

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No, it isn’t what you are thinking, my primary computer is still going to be my MacBook, but what is going to change is my secondary computer. My PC that usually just sits in the corner and is either off or is encoding away at the latest Netflix DVD so that I can watch it […]

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