$200 iTunes Gift Cards Sell for $2.60 On Chinese Website

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Some clever hackers have been able to crack the algorithm Apple uses for their gift cards allowing them to create gift certificate generators. All the sellers are actually selling are the the code which are sent directly to the customer who then inputs it into their iTunes account, and some of these sellers are selling […]

Apple To Release iTunes Replay On-Demand Video Service

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Apple is believed to be wrapping up a new feature in iTunes 8 that will allow users to stream their iTunes video purchases directly from the company’s servers for playback anywhere, anytime without eating up local storage. AppleInsider | Apple prepping iTunes Replay on-demand video service.

Apple Let’s Rock Event, Results Are In

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So the Apple event was a little underwhelming (not to me, but to most) but I’ll just take a little bit of time to shortly recap what happened at the event. NBC back in iTunes. iTunes adding HD TV shows for $2.99 per episode. iTunes 8 with Genius playlists and the Genius sidebar (suggests songs […]

Apple Event Today: “Let’s Rock” 10PM Pacific, 1PM Eastern

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Unfortunately I will be at work while the event is going on so I won’t be able to find out what happened until about 3PM eastern time and won’t be able to post about it until after 4:30. But, I can start the day by doing some final predictions as to what I expect to […]

Apple Accidentally Leaks iTunes 8

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Last night UFailPix posted about downloading iTunes 8 from Apple’s own website. This is of course unconfirmed because there has been nothing more than a screenshot of Apple’s website with an oddly placed download link to iTunes. The blog says that it is a huge upgrade from the previous version but after shortly updated the […]

More iTunes 8.0 Info and New iPod Dimensions Posted

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Kevin Rose is at it again with more information about iTunes 8. This time quoting one of his sources saying: “What’s new in iTunes 8 iTunes 8 includes Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Genius also includes Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that you […]

September 9 Apple Event Confirmed

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Yes, I know, I was wrong, and even though I was wrong I am still pretty sure my logic was (at the very least) good. But, we will be seeing an Apple event on Sep. 9. The invitation went out yesterday to all of the “big guys” with the title “Let’s Rock,” the picture next […]

The iPod Event Will NOT Be Happening On September 9th

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No I don’t have any inside information and no I’m not just going on a hunch here. The iPod event cannot be held on September 9th because the “free iPod with the purchase of a Mac” deal for college students is still available until September 15th meaning that if Apple changes the iPod lineup 6 […]

Kevin Rose Says iPod Price Drops, New iPod Nano, iTunes 8.0, and Blu-ray in OS X 10.5.6

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Kevin Rose says that there will be a skinnier longer iPod Nano that will be more rounded released sometime between now and the end of September. Along with the iPod Nano update the iPod Touch will be getting small cosmetic changes and will be the first device to get the 2.1 software update (iPhone getting […]

Apple May Offer iTunes Subscription In Late September

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Many Apple rumors sites have recently began reporting on the possibility of Apple offering an iTunes subscription option. Many other online music sites have been offering subscriptions for quite some time now but the big one (iTunes) hasn’t yet. The rumor says that about half of the music currently available on the iTunes music store […]

iTunes 7.7 Pre-Release Screenshots and iPhone 2.0 Video

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The folks over at Gizmodo have spent some time with iPhone software version 2.0 and the pre-release version of iTunes 7.7 and post a video along with a small gallery of screenshots. They say that both iTunes 7.7 and firmware 2.0 are rock solid so you shouldn’t worry about instability issues when it is finally […]

HBO Arrives in iTunes, Standard Pricing? No

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The rumors were going around early yesterday but now it is official, HBO content is now available for download through iTunes. What’s strange is that Apple has seemed to give in to the idea of variable pricing with HBO with most of their content being sold for $2.99 per episode (some content is still $1.99 […]

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