Multi-Touch Swipe Gestures for iPhone Keyboard

As interesting as this patent seems I don’t know whether or not I would really use these gestures. The backspace one and the return one seems incredibly intuitive but that might be as far as this patent will go in terms of real world uses. Multi-Touch Swipe Gestures for iPhone Keyboard – Mac Rumors.

The need for iPhone app folders and search is quickly approaching. No Thank You.

Dear MG Siegler, Why the heck do you have 9 pages worth of applications? I understand that it is nice to have all of your applications with you at all times but I guarantee that you don’t use any more than 3 pages worth of them on a regular basis. I personally only have 2 […]

Konami announces Metal Gear and Silent Hill titles for iPhone

One word: awesome Game publisher Konami has announced some major support for the iPhone platform in 2009. The company plans to bring some of their biggest franchises to the device, including Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, and Frogger. Konami announces Metal Gear and Silent Hill titles for iPhone – Apple Gazette.

iPhone Nano Rumors Revived in Otherwise Quiet Lead-in to Macworld – Mac Rumors

It seems unlikely that this would be announced at an event that doesn’t feature Steve Jobs. But, let’s be honest it doesn’t seem very likely to begin with. Why would Apple make such a change to a brand new platform. Too many developers would have to make too many changes to their apps too early […]

iPhone 3G Unlock Completed and “being packaged into a user-friendly application”

Many have been waiting for this and it is finally here. The iPhone 3G has been unlocked and will be released soon. The Dev Team has also announced that sometime before Christmas there will be a live demo of the unlock streamed over Qik. The stream will be announced via Twitter as it begins. We […]

‘Rolando’ to be Released on December 18th | Touch Arcade

Ngmoco’s Neil Young announced in our forums that Rolando will be released on December 18th, 2008. The date also confirms early ads (see right) that have been spotted on the web. Young also reveals that new videos, screenshots and information will be released this week. ‘Rolando’ to be Released on December 18th | Touch Arcade.

Regarding iPhone Support of the New Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

Yesterday Apple began taking orders for the new iPod Earphones with remote and mic and a support document was posted on their website (HT3310) that talked about compatibility of the new earphones and all of the iPod/iPhone models. According to the support document the new earphones are fully supported only by currently generation iPods and […]