The iPhone: It’s Not a Kindle

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Ever since the Kindle was released I’ve heard several technology pundits talk about how the iPhone could kill the Kindle by just adding some ebook features. The problem of course is that the mosts critical feature of the Kindle isn’t the fact that it has ubiquitous wireless access, it isn’t the Kindle store, and it […]

First Screenshots of Tiger Woods ’09 for the iPhone

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Craig Law of EA has posted some screenshots on the Touch Arcade forums showing the first glimpses of Tiger Woods ’09 for the iPhone. The game was announced in September and although a release date is yet to be announced the game will probably be out in just a few months. I have to say […]

iPhone Push Notification Server tied to Snow Leopard Server

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AppleInsider | iPhone Push Notification Server tied to Snow Leopard Server.

Photo of Matte-Back iPhone Emerges

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Obviously this is a rumor and there is no way of knowing whether or not this is true but these images appear to be a new iPhone model number A1303. The new case seems to have a matte finish instead of the current glossy look and the case also seems to have the usual model […]

Peter Misek Predicts 3 iPhones This Year

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Three new iPhones could be coming in 2009. The first is a 32G iPhone in multiple colours that is likely to arrive during the next six months. Next up is a lower-cost handset based on the 2.5G iPhone, which is targeted for China and India. Third is a smaller version – about one-third the size […]

Apple May Allow Background Apps in Firmware 3.0

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“While we aren’t sure what the specific issues are, we’ve heard that as an alternative Apple is considering allowing apps to run as user selectable background processes. If so, this feature would likely come in the rumored iPhone 3.0 software update but would be limited to only one or two processes on current hardware. The […]

Apple May Open Premium Game Section in App Store

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One of the worries many big game developers have had about the iPhone is that they can’t put enough money into a game to make it good because unless they sell it at $1-3 it will get lost in the shuffle. Apple may have found a solution to that problem however. is reporting that […]

From the Ashes of Podcaster Comes RSS Player

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If you remember back in September there was an application announced for the iPhone called Podcaster that was denied from the App Store. The developer of Podcaster later released the application through Apple’s Ad-Hoc system essentially allowing him to sell the application without the App Store. Recently Almerica resubmitted Podcaster, under a different name (RSS […]

Apple Approves 3rd Party Web Browsers for App Store

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Apple has slowing been loosening the restrictions on developers, first they started allowing apps with toilet humor and now they have begun approving web browsing applications to the App Store. It is possible that Apple has separate internal approval queues depending on the category of application, we’ve seen this same type of grouping happen with […]

iPhone Support for Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

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I received my Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic about a week ago (the standard ones, not the in-ear ones) and they are great. In terms of compatibility with the iPhone the iPhone supports all of the headphones functionality except for volume control. It is technically possible for Apple to add support for volume functionality […]

The Nightmare iPhone Pro

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60GB of storage 16:9 display Slide-out keyboard 1MP front facing camera for iChat High quality camera with good lenses, optical zoom Obviously this is just a ridiculous dream, but let’s be honest the thing would have to be a beast to have all those features in there. Not to mention how horrible the battery life […]

AT&T Starts Selling $99 iPhone 3Gs

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With activation of new voice and data plans, AT&T Wireless has several refurbished models of the iPhone 3G on sale, with prices starting at $99. Walmart starts selling iPhones but AT&T is the one with the $99 iPhone deal | 9 to 5 Mac.

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