Lost Has Taken Over My Life, ABC.com Rocks!

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I’m a little late to the party, I just started watching Lost on ABC.com. I know it’s 4 seasons in but I haven’t seen a single episode of the show before a few days ago. I just finished watching the second episode of season 2 and it is great, anyone who hasn’t checked out the […]

Local News Websites Could Destroy “Traditional” Local News Sources

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A few days ago I was having a conversation with my girlfriend and we were talking about how weird it is that the internet has the power to basically destroy all types of business, such as magazines, newspapers, television providers (cable and satellite), telephone companies, television stations, the Postal Service, radio, etc. We were discussing […]

FlyTunes Launches Today

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FlyTunes, which I first found out about during CES, is supposed to be debuting today. The service allows you to listen to internet radio with your iPhone or iPod Touch. FlyTunes is just a web application that can be accessed through mobile Safari, but has some great features, you can customize stations on your PC […]

“Add to Home Screen”

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As soon as I found out that firmware 1.1.3 was available I downloaded it through iTunes and began to play around with it. Quickly I realized that the best part of the update was the new maps features but just a day or so after that I really started playing with the new “add to […]

Lenovo’s Internet Tablet

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I’m not going to say much, only that this is an ugly large device that I want soooo bad.

Find High Quality Album Art, Fast

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Lately I’ve been backing up my DVDs (I’ve been dieing for some good quality content to watch on my AppleTV). One of the biggest problems backing up DVDs is trying to find “album art” for the videos. Albumart.org lets you quickly search for album artwork for your CDs or DVDs. Using it is incredibly easy, […]

TryPhone Allows Yout To Try Phones Before You Buy, From Within Your Browser

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One of the major problems with buying a cell phone is that you usually don’t really know what the interface on the phone looks like and you have no idea how the menus work and so on. A new website has come into beta that lets you try out the interface of a cell phone […]

DecentURL, for Decent Sized URLs

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So I’ve written about HugeURL which helps you make some pretty long URLs and everyone knows about TinyURL which helps you take a big URL and make it smaller. But, what if you have a really small URL, a really Large URL, or maybe even a really ugly URL that you want to make decent, […]

Make a Small URL Large

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A problem that many users of the internet have is that when sending people URLs often times they are just too darn small. Who the heck wants to deal with tiny URLs when you can have BIG POWERFUL URLs? So here is the answer… Wouldn’t you rather have a big URL like that? I know […]

Flash Version of Portal

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Portal is a great game that comes with the much anticipated Orange Box. The game is a pretty inventive one where you use a gun to create portals on the walls, ceilings, and floors and then pass through one portal to get to another. Well a flash version of Portal has just been released and […]

Google Adds Presentation App to Google Docs

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Google today announced that there will be an addition of a presentation app to the Google Docs suite. This is what everyone has been waiting for, the last piece of the puzzle, now if they would just improve it and add some features it would be a real competitor. At its current feature set it […]

Photoshop Express Screenshot

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John Nack writing on an Adobe blog posted a screenshot of the upcoming Photoshop Express web app. “Today the crowd at Photoshop World got a quick preview of Photoshop Express, a new application currently in development at Adobe. First hinted at by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen some six months ago, Photoshop Express isn’t meant to […]

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