Intel introduces 32nm Westmere Processors

Chipzilla says it’s close to ramping 32nm process technology to manufacture the 32nm Westmere version of Nehalem. The company demonstrated a working 32nm Westmere processor for the first time today, smugly noting the firm was well on track with its ‘Tick-Tock’ model. Usually when Intel shrinks their processors they don’t add any new features to […]

2.33GHz Intel Wolfdale Gets Benchmarked

This upcoming Intel processor won’t be out for another few months but HKEPC got a hold of one and benchmarked it. The Wolfdale chip itself features a 2.33GHz clock speed with 6MB L2 cache and a 1333MHz FSB. Specs sound pretty amazing and the performance isn’t exactly a revolution in most tests however isn’t any […]

Penryn and Nehalem Coverage on the Net

TG Daily – Intel develops integrated memory controller for Nehalem processors Slashdot – Intel next-gen CPU has integrated memory controller and GPU AppleInsider – Intel details upcoming processor generations bit-tech – Intel Penryn, Nehalem and the Future engadget – More dirt on Intel’s Penryn / Nehalem architechture theInquirer – Intel Penryn set to despoil pretty […]