Intel introduces 32nm Westmere Processors

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Chipzilla says it’s close to ramping 32nm process technology to manufacture the 32nm Westmere version of Nehalem. The company demonstrated a working 32nm Westmere processor for the first time today, smugly noting the firm was well on track with its ‘Tick-Tock’ model. Usually when Intel shrinks their processors they don’t add any new features to […]

Overclockers Push 8-Core Skulltrail to 6GHz

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Intel would be proud that their 8-core platform has been overclocked to 6GHz by some overclockers on XtremeSystems forum. All I can say is, wow! Those 8-cores at 6GHz gives you a total of 48GHz of processing power. XtremeSystems

Intel’s Core 2 Extreme X7900 In The Wild

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Intel and AMD both seem to be evolving pretty well, with faster processors coming out every few months. The latest high end laptop processor from Intel was spotted by Techware Labs, they were able to throw it in a computer and do some bookmarks on it. This isn’t that interesting, we all know what to […]

Intel’s Penryn to Reach 4GHz

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Intel’s Penryn offering will be quite enticing to those in the know about technology. According to a Softpedia article, Intel said that the Penryn class may reach beyond 4GHz. Amazing. Intel is really destroying AMD and the Penryn processors are no joke, they are 45nm parts and are very good at power management and speed. […]

AMD Starts Website Against Intel

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“AMD Break Free” is a new site that AMD just opened. When you go to this site you get a splash screen that says “European Commission Reveals the Truth About Intel.” This seems to be a campaign against Intel regarding a “monopoly.”Now I don’t know enough about the hard numbers to say whether or not […]

2.33GHz Intel Wolfdale Gets Benchmarked

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This upcoming Intel processor won’t be out for another few months but HKEPC got a hold of one and benchmarked it. The Wolfdale chip itself features a 2.33GHz clock speed with 6MB L2 cache and a 1333MHz FSB. Specs sound pretty amazing and the performance isn’t exactly a revolution in most tests however isn’t any […]

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 Overclocked to 5.13GHz

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Truly an amazing feat. A QX6850 has been overclocked to an astonishing 5133MHz using a EVGA 680i motherboard. This clock speed was accomplished using liquid nitrogen cooling and bumping the voltage to 1.65v. VR-Zone

Pentium 4 at 8.18GHz

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OC Team Italy has successfully overclocked a Pentium 4 631 to 8.18GHz. OH MY! Since the multipliers are locked on this processor they had to bump the FSB all the way up to 545MHz. A 173% overclock. This is pretty amazing, I just wonder what they used to cool it. I am always fascinated by […]

Intel Metro Laptop Video

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Everyone has seen Intel’s cool Metro concept design, its pretty gosh darn cool but here is a video of it: [via Gizmodo]

Intel Readies QX6850 for 3Q ’07

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The new chip will have a 3GHz clock with 1333MHz front side bus. Will built on a 65nm process and will have 8MB of L2 Cache. No doubt an extremely fast processor, Penryn will be much faster, but this is fast. Every time I hear about new Intel advancements I have to wonder what the […]

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800

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I mentioned that Intel was soon to come out with a new Quad-Core Extreme edition chip here, but now you can look at some hard numbers. ExtremeTech did a great review of the processor and you check that out here.

Penryn and Nehalem Coverage on the Net

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TG Daily – Intel develops integrated memory controller for Nehalem processors Slashdot – Intel next-gen CPU has integrated memory controller and GPU AppleInsider – Intel details upcoming processor generations bit-tech – Intel Penryn, Nehalem and the Future engadget – More dirt on Intel’s Penryn / Nehalem architechture theInquirer – Intel Penryn set to despoil pretty […]

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