Pioneer to Exit TV Business

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A report in the Nikkei Japanese business journal claims that “Pioneer Corp. will pull the plug on its loss-ridden television business and shift its DVD player operations to a new venture with Sharp Corp. in a sweeping overhaul”. This is very sad news if it is true. Pioneer (in my opinion and many others opinions) […]

Apple Rumors: Blu-ray Drives in Macs, iWork ’09, iLife ’09, and a Networked HDTV

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Although Apple’s invitation clearly stated that they will be talking about notebooks there have been several rumors lately that have cropped up and many of them coming from fairly reliable sources. Kevin Rose said in the latest live Diggnation episode (not currently available for download) that Blu-ray drives would become an option for high end […]

HDfury2 Strips HDCP From HDMI Connections

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HDfury2 is a brand new adapter that allows users of displays without HDMI (or with HDMI that doesn’t support HDCP) to watch 1080p content via VGA or Component video. The device has a built in deciphering converter that makes whatever HDMI box that you plug into it think that it has an HDCP connection with […]

Hitachi’s 1.5″ Thick LCD HDTVs now Available in the US

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Hitachi’s UltraThin 1.5 family that was shown off at CES is finally available in the US. The brand new and super thin HDTVs are available in 32″, 37″, 42″, and 47″. The TVs are priced between $1,799 and $4,699 and come with either a 1 year or two year warranty (depending on whether you get […]

Future Shop Get In On The HD-DVD Player Trade In Bandwagon

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Future Shop has announced that between March 7 and April 3, customers who own HD-DVD players have been invited to return their players to Future Shop and receive $100 off either an LG or Samsung Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo player. Future Shop will even accept players that haven’t been purchased from Future Shop. Unfortunately the offer is […]

Circuit City Accepting HD-DVD Player Trade Ins

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Have you been screwed by another format war? Well Circuit City is here to help, if you purchased your HD-DVD player within three months of Toshiba’s announcement of the end of the format war and you also purchased your player at Circuit City, then you may be in luck. There have been some reports that […]

DTV Coupons Start Arriving

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In early January I posted about the TV Converter Box Coupon Program that would be giving out coupons worth $40 towards a digital TV converter box. Last week reports started coming in that people started receiving their DTV coupons. There isn’t much to report on here, I haven’t gotten mine yet but as soon as […]

42″ 1080p LCD HDTV $799.99

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This is a refurbished HDTV but let’s be honest this is an amazing deal. About a year and a few months ago I bought my Vizio 42″ 720p LCD for $1,300. The idea that you can get such a large TV for such a good price is mind blowing. I’ve always been a fan of […]

Left Over From CES (I Finally Got Around To It) – 9mm 50″ Plasma

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Yes, I know, I know, This happened last week and you might already know about it, but I’m sure some of you haven’t heard about it and there are a few stories left over from last week in my inbox that I’m going to be writing about in the next day or so, this is […]

Panasonic’s 150-inch Plasma

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Gizmodo has some great pictures of the Panasonic 150-inch plasma that they have been showing off at CES. 4x the resolution of 1080p 50% less power use via double luminance efficiency Super expensive (although I haven’t seen any actual dollar value) Gizmodo Gallery

Vizio Announces a Slew of New HDTVs

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Vizio, that wonderfully low-cost HDTV makers, have announced 30 new HDTVs for CES. The short version is that they have 32-inch Plasmas for $689 and 50-inch 1080p TVs for $1,399. Vizio is also announcing a new LCD line called “Envy” which is a much better designed line compared to their regular line of LCDs. I’m […]

Apply For Your Digital Converter Box Coupon

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The conversion from analog to digital broadcast television is set to happen early 2009. But, what are you supposed to do if you rely on broadcast television but don’t have a TV that can receive digital signals? Apply for your Digital converter Box Coupon. It only takes a minute or two and when the boxes […]

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