Google Sync Beta

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Google Sync keeps your calendars and contacts synced from Google’s servers to your iPhone (or other phone) by pushing the data between the two places. The video above explains it all but I can tell you right now that if you aren’t into the whole Google ecosystem it isn’t exactly for you. Since my Contacts […]

Google Chrome Running On OS X

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The developers who have been working on Chrome over at Google have shifted gears from layout tests and WebKit compatibility to getting the user interface up and running on the Mac. Over the past few weeks the team working on the project have improved the code to the point where they have a fairly well […]

References to GDrive Appear in Google Pack File

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Some references to the long rumored Google service “GDrive” have appeared in a file used by Google Pack. The file categorizes GDrive as a Online file backup and Storage service and has the following description: “GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents. GDrive allows you to access your […]

Google Readying a GrandCentral 2.0

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“a new version on new infrastructure will be coming soon. Apologies to anyone who has run into issues on the legacy version.” -Jeff Huber, Google Recently David Pogue has also mentioned a new version of GrandCentral saying that everyone who works on GrandCentral still works on it and a new version is imminent. I have […]

Gmail Finally Supports Google Gears

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The obvious best usage of Google Gears has always been with Gmail, but up until now you couldn’t use Gears with Gmail, but now you can start syncing to your hearts content. The feature is still within the Google Labs feature set but because this functionality seems to be such a perfect fit for email […]

T-Mobile (HTC) G2 Spied on Video?

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Google G1 successor spied in video? • Register Hardware.

Google Closes Many Services

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Google will discontinue support for uploads to Google Video, they aren’t going to delete any content just no longer allow users to upload content. Google is also going to stop active development on Google Notebook. They are no longer going to be adding new features and will not be offering it to new users anymore. […]

Google Selling $399 Fully Unlocked G1s to Developers

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On December 5 Google began selling fully unlocked G1s to developers. This will make it much easier for developer to get their hands on an android based device and doesn’t restrict it to T-Mobile customers. It’s pretty easy to get one of these phones, even if you aren’t a developer. All you have to do […]

T-Mobile G1 Having Some Serious E-Mail Problems

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The darling of the anti-iPhone crowd, T-Mobile G1, is beginning to show some signs that it truly is a new mobile platform and therefore must have some bugs. Word comes from the T-Mobile forums that both POP3 and IMAP email is having connection errors about 95% of the time when they check their email. These […]

Google Introduces “Chrome,” a Web Browser Based on WebKit

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Google Blogoscoped was sent a cartoon from Google showing off Google Chrome, an open source browser based on WebKit with Google Gears built in. The Google browser has been long rumored but never confirmed, but this is the first proof that it is coming. In fact, the first beta of the browser is supposed to […]

Google Announces App Store-Like Marketplace For Android Powered Handsets

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Google has announced that they will be doing an App Store-like marketplace for Android phones. This will allow users of Android phones to download applications directly to their devices, it will also allow developers to program applications for Android devices and sell them directly to users. Developers will be able to make their content available […]

Mac OS X 10.5.3 Allows iPhone Users to Sync Contacts With Google

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With the release of Mac OS X 10.5.3 iPhone users (and anyone else) can now sync their Address Book contacts with Google Contacts. Within the Address Book Preferences, under General, you now have the option to Synchronize with Google. Just check the box, it will ask you for your Google account and password and from […]

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