Apple Announces Safari 4 Public Beta

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Apple has announced a public beta of Safari 4 for both Windows and Mac. Apple says there are 150 new features in the browser. I haven’t read through all of the features because that would take a lot of time and since browsers aren’t the most interesting of applications it would also be a little […]

Google Releases Picasa for the Mac

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Very odd looking user interface, for the Mac that is. It doesn’t really look much like a Mac app. We’re therefore excited to announce that we’re bringing the full version of Picasa to Mac OS X. Like its Windows and Linux counterparts, Picasa for Mac is a standalone program that helps you organize photos anywhere […]

Windows 7 Beta ISO Hits Torrent Trackers

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As is usually expected with Windows releases the latest Windows 7 Beta ISO has hit torrent trackers. I’m not going to link to it here for legal reasons but it isn’t too difficult to find. Windows 7 Beta ISO leaked on torrent trackers – Download Squad.

BlackBerry Media Sync: Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac Now

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I guess this is one way to try and compete with the iPhone 3G. BlackBerry Media Sync: Download BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac Now.

Torrent2exe Turns .torrent Files Into .exe Files

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Torrent2exe is a pretty amazing web utility that turns .torrent files into .exe files that are self contained BitTorrent downloaders. This allows you to download bittorrent files without having to have a BitTorrent client installed on your computer. It is really easy to use too, all you do is download the .torrent file from whatever […]

Sun Microsystems Releases Open Source Free Virtualization for OS X

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Sun Microsystems has recently updated their xVM VirtualBox software, with one HUGE new feature. Mac OS X is now supported by xVM VirtualBox. That means that Sun Microsystems is the first to offer open source virtualization to Mac OS X. The software comes in two versions, free for all,  a licensed version that has some […]

15 Great Mac Apps

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AntiRSI – This application will help you take breaks periodically to keep you from getting any repetitive stress injuries. I’ve been using it for a few months and it is seriously helped me from enduring any more wrist and finger pain because of all this typing. AppCleaner – Basically the same functionality as AppZapper, it […]

SyncTV Preview

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SyncTV is a video download service by Pioneer that has a mix of subscription and pay per download content. Currently SyncTV is still in private beta and works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. DownloadSquad had some time with the service and here’s a great video showing you the service: DownloadSquad also has some screenshots and […]

Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.0 Beta 1

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Last night Mozilla released the first beta of Firefox 3.0. The beta is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux at Mozilla’s download site in 20 different languages. Remember that this is still beta software so don’t expect it to work flawlessly. Many websites and extensions don’t work very well with the browser. The […]

Lightweight GPU Identification App In Development

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Many of you may be familiar with CPU-Z a comprehensive CPU identifying application that tells you a whole bunch of information about your processor. Well, a new application that has just began development is setting out to do the same thing as CPU-Z but for the graphics card, it will be named GPU-Z. The developer […]

Coupon Craze – Firefox Extension for Coupon Codes

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“Find out about the latest coupons, deals and offers available while visiting your favorite shopping websites.”Coupon Craze is a nifty little extension that allows you to find out about all the deals that you can get while visiting shopping web sites. The extension supports over 4,000 sites. I don’t usually talk about Firefox extension but […]

Google Adds StarOffice into Google Pack, and Who Cares?

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Recently there was a buzz around the blogosphere about Google adding StarOffice being added to the Google Pack. My question is: Who Cares? I don’t know anyone who downloads the Google pack and I don’t know why anyone would. Out of the 12 programs in the Google pack I would only suggest people use 4 […]

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