Digg Gets Picture Section

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Digg has been needing a pictures section for an extremely long time and finally one of its users has decided to create on himself. It is in the form of digpicz.com, it basically aggregates all of the stories on digg with the “pic,” “pics,” “image,” etc. in the title then gives it to you in […]

Digg.com Site Redesign

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Digg.com got a nice redesign. I actually think that Digg is adding features that don’t necessarily need to be there and completely missing the most important feature, an image section. The features that they have added include an “All” tab and cleaned up navigation. I personally don’t really like the new site design. I think […]

Digg Launches Digg Widgets

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Digg has add a new item to its list of ever growing features. The newest addition is Digg Widgets which allow you to add a bit of Digg to your own website or blog. Choose from 5 different styles or create your own style. You can customize what is shown in the widget such as, […]

Digg going crazy with HD-DVD Stories

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Digg.com is a great social news website where the users choose which content they want to see on the front page. Yesterday the digg community went crazy when a user profile and a couple of stories submitted contained the decryption key for HD-DVDs. Within hours digg was flooded with stories about the decryption key and […]

WoW hits 8.5 Million

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While digg.com was hitting its 1 miiiiiillionth user World of Warcraft was looking at numbers eight and a half times that much. According to ComputerAndVideoGames.com World of Warcraft has hit 8.5 Million users. Along with that comes word that The Burning Crusade which was the much anticipated expansion pack to the game has already sold […]

Diggnation at Beach Chalet Pictures

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If you love podcasts, and digg, you have to love Diggnation. They recently had a live taping at Beach Chalet and Laughing Squid has a Flickr set up of pictures from the show, check’em out.

Digg Gets Rid of Top diggers list

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In a long update on Digg the Blog, Kevin Rose announced that they have decided after long internal talks to remove the top diggers list. They have decided to do this because of people trying to game digg. The only way they could finally put a stop to this is to remove the list of […]

Digg’s New Merchandise

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Well we all love Digg and if you don’t well then you should because its a great place to go for news. Well recently when Digg had its update they also released some new merchandise on Jinx. They have new T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc. I actually ended up getting one of those for Chirstmas, I […]

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