Palm Announces the Palm Pre

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Not only did Palm announce a new device but the device has a completely new OS called Palm WebOS. The new OS has some amazing new UI concepts including a gesture area and a new way to think about switching between apps on a mobile phone. I have the specs listed below but remember that […]

Palm Nova OS is “Amazing”

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CrunchGear received some information regarding Palms CES announcements. The announcements will include the new OS, “Nova,” which is said to be “amazing” and will have many applications ready for it when the first Nova phones ship. The operating system is said to be linux based and will have the standard calendar, contacts, and e-mail applications […]

Ballmer CES Keynote Announcements Leak

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TechCrunch has a run down of what Ballmer will (supposedly) be announcing at this years CES keynote. Windows 7, the successor to Vista, will officially enter public beta. Windows Mobile will support Flash by the end of the first quarter. (This was demoed at an Adobe conference in November). Two new Halo titles will be […]

Panasonic’s 150-inch Plasma

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Gizmodo has some great pictures of the Panasonic 150-inch plasma that they have been showing off at CES. 4x the resolution of 1080p 50% less power use via double luminance efficiency Super expensive (although I haven’t seen any actual dollar value) Gizmodo Gallery

Blu-Ray Winning Everyone Over

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“It should be consumer choice; and if that’s the way they vote, that’s something we’ll have to consider,” this is what Albert Penello group marketing manager of Xbox hardware said when asked whether Microsoft would support a Blu-ray DVD accessory in the event that HD-DVD failed. –source This single quote has made the blogsphere set […]

Motorola Rokr E8 Shown Off By PC Mags Sascha Segan

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This new cell phone by Motorola is a pretty interesting idea. The keypad on the phone changes depending on what “mode” you have the phone in. When the phone is in phone mode it displays a keypad, when it is in music mode it shows media controls, and when it is in camera mode it […]

Alienware Shows Off Cool 2880×900 Curved Display

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This is only a prototype but the display is said to be released in the second half of 2008. The curvature of the display mimics peripheral vision and from what I’ve read, looks gorgeous. Official specs report less than .02-millisecond response time. Engadget said they noticed three faint vertical dividing lines which seem to indicate […]

Logitech Harmony One Video Review

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The Logitech Harmony One is the latest remote from the guys over at Logitech. Here is a video by Veronica Belmont of Mahalo Daily showing off the features of the remote. via Engadget

AMD Announces TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

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AMD announced a cable card capable TV tuner. This is big because this means that now, people can get their nice digital cable TV through their computer. I’m personally excited about this because I have a computer in my living room and now I plan to buy this, with a copy of Vista, and a […]

The Calm Before the Storm

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CES and MacWorld are both next week and everything seems to be very quiet. There are not very many stories out today for me to tell you about. Just a couple of leaks about what someone is going to do at CES, namely that HP won’t be showing DLP TV’s there. I think this has […]

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