Android G2 Pictured

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It isn’t confirmed that the device pictured is in fact the G2 but it does seem to be running Android and has a significantly better design than the G1 does. Gizmodo says it will come in mid-May and from the pictures we see that it has a 3.2MP camera. Android G2 Photos: Thinner and No […]

T-Mobile (HTC) G2 Spied on Video?

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Google G1 successor spied in video? • Register Hardware.

Best Buy to be Palm Pre’s exclusive retailer

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We received news from a credible source that BestBuy Mobile will be getting an exclusive deal with Sprint for the Palm Pre release. For 60 days the number one consumer electronics retailer will be the only place where you can get your hands on the Palm Pre, besides Sprint of course. Best Buy to be […]

Palm May be Readying webOS Based Centro

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I wouln’t be surprised if Palm was to release a Centro 2 with webOS. I have had a weird feeling that Palm might end up screwing this opportunity and diversifying this platform too early in the game would really do it. Obviously this is still just a rumor but Palm has made many mistakes in […]

Palm Pre to be Priced at $149-$199 with 2 Year Contract

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The earlier quoted $399 price for Palm Pre was actually for a handset without contract on Sprint. And it is only one of the possible price points Palm is contemplating. Another one is $499 for a phone without contract. So when Palm Pre starts shipping on Sprint in summer of 2009, the actual pricing should […]

Palm Announces the Palm Pre

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Not only did Palm announce a new device but the device has a completely new OS called Palm WebOS. The new OS has some amazing new UI concepts including a gesture area and a new way to think about switching between apps on a mobile phone. I have the specs listed below but remember that […]

Palm Nova OS is “Amazing”

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CrunchGear received some information regarding Palms CES announcements. The announcements will include the new OS, “Nova,” which is said to be “amazing” and will have many applications ready for it when the first Nova phones ship. The operating system is said to be linux based and will have the standard calendar, contacts, and e-mail applications […]

AT&T Degrades 2G Service to Help Improve 3G Reliability

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Rumors have it that AT&T has been reallocating its EDGE service to the weaker 1900MHz band this move is supposed to improve 3G strength in HSPA devices. I currently am relying on EDGE service with my first generation iPhone and even though I live in a small city of 30,000 or so I haven’t seen […]

Garmin Nuvifone Screen Shots

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Garmin has posted some screen captures of its upcoming cell phone, the Garmin Nuvifone. It is expected that Garmin will be showing off the device at CES but these images give us an early look at the features the phone will have. Electronista | Garmin shares nuvifone screen captures.

The Nightmare iPhone Pro

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60GB of storage 16:9 display Slide-out keyboard 1MP front facing camera for iChat High quality camera with good lenses, optical zoom Obviously this is just a ridiculous dream, but let’s be honest the thing would have to be a beast to have all those features in there. Not to mention how horrible the battery life […]

AT&T Starts Selling $99 iPhone 3Gs

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With activation of new voice and data plans, AT&T Wireless has several refurbished models of the iPhone 3G on sale, with prices starting at $99. Walmart starts selling iPhones but AT&T is the one with the $99 iPhone deal | 9 to 5 Mac.

Garmin to Develop Android Phones

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I was pretty excited for the Garmin Nuvifone but with the release date continuing to be pushed out further and further and advances in the iPhone I am no longer excited for the device. But, the idea that Garmin could become another player in the cell phone market with multiple handsets is very intriguing to […]

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