DoubleTwist is Now Available

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DoubleTwist is a universal media hub that is now available as a public beta for Mac OS X. DoubleTwist is like iTunes except it works with not just iPhones and iPods but also with other portable media players. Not only will DoubleTwist transfer the media to your player for you but it is also capable […]

Palm Confirms Games are in Development for WebOS

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Palm did confirm that games are in development for webOS, and seems a little defensive at accusations that the OS can’t handle that stuff — Palm hasn’t changed its stance on app development, of course, there are no “native” apps allowed currently, but they seem more reticent to admit that web-style app development will limit […]

Why Do Android Phones Have Chins?

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Hopefully we will eventually start to see some Android phones that don’t even have track balls, maybe then we won’t have phones with chins (I think phone chins are ugly). Android: Why Do the Android Phones Have Chins?.

Sony Ericsson W995 Gets Demoed On Video

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Sony Ericsson W995 video hands-on – Engadget.

Android Finally Gets Support for Priced Applications

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Hopefully this will get some more developers on board. But, I don’t know if this is what Android needs, personally I think Android needs a better user experience. The developers working on the core code of Android should worry more about how well the OS works and that should be the focus right now. Just […]

Google Sync Beta

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Google Sync keeps your calendars and contacts synced from Google’s servers to your iPhone (or other phone) by pushing the data between the two places. The video above explains it all but I can tell you right now that if you aren’t into the whole Google ecosystem it isn’t exactly for you. Since my Contacts […]

Palm Pre Could be on Sale as Early as Late March

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To clarify a bit of confusion, the sheet shows a target in-stock date of 3/15 for the Pre. It also shows that it will be replacing the Palm 755P which has a projected EOL in late May. Sprint EOL list reveals target Palm Pre launch, plenty more : Boy Genius Report

Apple May Allow Background Apps in Firmware 3.0

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“While we aren’t sure what the specific issues are, we’ve heard that as an alternative Apple is considering allowing apps to run as user selectable background processes. If so, this feature would likely come in the rumored iPhone 3.0 software update but would be limited to only one or two processes on current hardware. The […]

Garmin and Asus Launch Co-Branded Nuvifone Line

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Garmin and Asus have just announced a strategic alliance to design and build co-branded mobile phones. The original Nuvifone announced by Garmin will now be called the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 and will be the beginning of a line of cell phones built by the two companies. The Nuvifone G60 is still scheduled to be released […]

Meizu M8 Prepping for March Release

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The Meizu M8  is ready for a full scale launch (and by full scale I mean mainland China) sometime in March. The Meizu M8 has been an incredibly interesting phone to watch since it was first announced shortly after the iPhone was. The phone is obviously inspired by the iPhone and it is very possible […]

Apple TV Sales, Mac Netbooks, and iPhone Nanos

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During Apple’s latest earnings conference call Tim Cook said said that sales of the Apple TV were up 3 times what they were at the same point last year. Although they still describe the Apple TV as a hobby Cook noted, “We think there’s something there.” I’m convinced that the Apple TV was the best […]

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