Windows 7 Beta ISO Hits Torrent Trackers

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As is usually expected with Windows releases the latest Windows 7 Beta ISO has hit torrent trackers. I’m not going to link to it here for legal reasons but it isn’t too difficult to find. Windows 7 Beta ISO leaked on torrent trackers – Download Squad.

Torrent2exe Turns .torrent Files Into .exe Files

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Torrent2exe is a pretty amazing web utility that turns .torrent files into .exe files that are self contained BitTorrent downloaders. This allows you to download bittorrent files without having to have a BitTorrent client installed on your computer. It is really easy to use too, all you do is download the .torrent file from whatever […]

Demonoid Shut Down by CRIA

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The popular bittorrent tracker Demonoid has reportedly been shut down by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. TorrentFreak contacted some of the Demonoid administrators and they are not exactly sure what happened, it seems that Demonoid’s Canadian ISP pulled the plug because of pressure from the CRIA however I haven’t been able to really find any […]

TorrentSpy Blocks US from Searching

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TorrentSpy has decided to block the US from searching its site for torrents. The decision was made because it was either this or they were going to have to start tracking all of the ip address of those downloading. Luckily this decision was made right on the heels of reopening so no need to […] is Back!

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I talked about The Pirate Bay relaunching and they finally have. is officially back in action.I have never used before so this was my first time. The site looks really good however I don’t know how close the design is to how it was back in its prime. I downloaded some legal […]

The Pirate Bay to Relaunch

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The domain name “” was donated to The Pirate Bay by its owner. was once the largest bittorrent tracker out there and most people believe to be the best ever. I don’t really have to go through the entire history of SuprNova, all you have to know is that it is coming back and […]

Bittorrent Launches Movie Download Portal

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Bittorrent has started a movie and tv show portal where you will be able to rent movies and buy TV shows and download them using bittorrent. In the TV show space they have launched with Comedy Central, G4, Fox, Logo, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, etc. They also have a couple of high profile movies for rent, […]

RIAA’s top 25 Pirating Colleges

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It seems the RIAA doesn’t want to do anything but make people angrier and angrier. Now they have posted a list of the top 25 Colleges that pirate, well at least those that pirate and get caught doing it. This is just one more thing to make you think, hmm, why aren’t they making it […]

First Blu-Ray movie hits Bittorrent

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Torrent Freak said yesterday that the first Blu-Ray movie was up on bittorrent. I do not condone pirating movies however this is a very important moment in time to prove that no encryption can ever be left un-cracked. The torrent is of Ice Age 2 in 1080p and is found on however you need […]

Curious Which ISP’s Block Bittorrent?

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On the AzureusWiki they have a list of ISP’s who have been thought to have blocked bittorrent. There are over 50 ISP’s on the list so if you are having problems with bittorrent you may want to check out the list to find out if you are using one of those ISP’s. Check out the […]

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