DoubleTwist is Now Available

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DoubleTwist is a universal media hub that is now available as a public beta for Mac OS X. DoubleTwist is like iTunes except it works with not just iPhones and iPods but also with other portable media players. Not only will DoubleTwist transfer the media to your player for you but it is also capable […]

Gmail Finally Supports Google Gears

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The obvious best usage of Google Gears has always been with Gmail, but up until now you couldn’t use Gears with Gmail, but now you can start syncing to your hearts content. The feature is still within the Google Labs feature set but because this functionality seems to be such a perfect fit for email […]

Windows 7 Beta ISO Hits Torrent Trackers

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As is usually expected with Windows releases the latest Windows 7 Beta ISO has hit torrent trackers. I’m not going to link to it here for legal reasons but it isn’t too difficult to find. Windows 7 Beta ISO leaked on torrent trackers – Download Squad.

New Features in iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 2

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Apple will be continuing to improve the iPhone experience thanks to their subscription based accounting and some of those lucky enough to have iPhone firmware 2.2 beta 2 have been able to bring us some insight into what we will be seeing in the upcoming firmware release. One of the most interesting features (and possibly […]

Google Introduces “Chrome,” a Web Browser Based on WebKit

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Google Blogoscoped was sent a cartoon from Google showing off Google Chrome, an open source browser based on WebKit with Google Gears built in. The Google browser has been long rumored but never confirmed, but this is the first proof that it is coming. In fact, the first beta of the browser is supposed to […]

Google Announces App Store-Like Marketplace For Android Powered Handsets

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Google has announced that they will be doing an App Store-like marketplace for Android phones. This will allow users of Android phones to download applications directly to their devices, it will also allow developers to program applications for Android devices and sell them directly to users. Developers will be able to make their content available […]

Apple Pulls Push Notification From 2.1 Beta 4 SDK

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Apple has come up with a solution to not having background applications on the iPhone, the ability for developers to push notifications to the device through Apple’s servers. This feature had been promised to have a September release date but in the latest version of the iPhone SDK (2.1 Beta 4) the feature was pulled. […]

Apple Seeding Firmware 2.1 to Developers

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Yesterday Apple released a beta version of iPhone OS 2.1 to developers. Along with the 2.1 beta firmware a new version of the iPhone SDK has also been seeded. The new beta versions cannot be used to submit applications to the App Store at the moment, this may be due to some changes in the […]

Apple Soon To Be Allowing Developers To Have App Store Beta Programs

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One of the biggest issues developers have had with building App Store apps is that they can’t release betas to users. But, Apple is going to be fixing this problem by allowing developers to have closed beta programs with up to 100 users. The beta apps will still be distributed through the App Store and […]

iTunes 7.7 Pre-Release Screenshots and iPhone 2.0 Video

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The folks over at Gizmodo have spent some time with iPhone software version 2.0 and the pre-release version of iTunes 7.7 and post a video along with a small gallery of screenshots. They say that both iTunes 7.7 and firmware 2.0 are rock solid so you shouldn’t worry about instability issues when it is finally […]

My Favorite Fire Eagle Applications

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After writing my post yesterday about Fire Eagle I recieved an invite from Chad Dickerson (thank you very much) and have spent the past day playing around with some of the applications that use the service. I’m only going to mention two of the applications that I use because I don’t really have a use […]

How Yahoo is Way Ahead of the Curve in Location Based Services

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Many people think that Yahoo isn’t that good at putting new products infront of users and monetizing it, and they’re right. But, what they don’t realize is that Yahoo is way ahead of the curve in location based services and they don’t have to put it infront of users because other developers will. The product […]

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