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iPhone Dev Team Jailbreaks iPhone Firmware 2.0

iPhone firmware 2.0 is nearly 3 months away from release but the iPhone Dev Team has been able to jailbreak it. Firmware 2.0 for the iPhone isn’t fully baked yet so there is no way of knowing whether or not this jailbreak will still work when it is released in June.

It goes to show you that even with Apple allowing 3rd party developers the restrictions are still enough to cause some to want full access to the iPhone hardware. Maybe if Apple allowed developers to run applications in the background this wouldn’t need to happen.


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Why I’m Not As Excited As I Was About the iPhone SDK

So the iPhone SDK was announced just a few days ago and on that day I was terribly excited for the coming months, at that time I believed that this could be a fundamental change in the world of mobile computing. Not because no one had done it before, someone had done it before, in fact many had done it before but what they hadn’t done is spark that excitement with people like the iPhone did.

But today I have to let you in on a little secret, unless Apple changes some of the guidelines alongside this SDK it may not be that fundamental change.

“Only one iPhone application can run at a time, and third-party applications never run in the background. This means that when users switch to another application, answer the phone, or check their email, the application they were using quits. It’s important to make sure that users do not experience any negative effects because of this reality. In other words, users should not feel that leaving your iPhone application and returning to it later is any more difficult than switching among applications on a computer.”

This is coming from Apple Human Interface Guidelines for the iPhone. This means that many of the applications that I would be excited to use are practically useless. The first application that always comes to mind when I think of what I would like to see on the iPhone is a Twitter application, if the Twitter application can’t let me know that their are new tweets while I’m browsing the internet using Mobile Safari then it is practically useless to me. One of the applications that was shown off at the announcement will be incredibly effected by this decision, the AIM client for the iPhone will become almost useless to me if it can’t run in the background.

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First iPhone SDK App To Go Public

The iPhone SDK was released just two days ago and already we have an application built by a 3rd party developer for all of us to play with. The apps is called ToDo App and for now it will only run in the Aspen Simulator within Xcode, that is until Apple starts delivering signing keys to registered and paid developers.

I’ve downloaded it and played with it a little bit, it is very limited right now, it only allows one to add, edit, and delete to dos but I’m sure as the days and weeks go on it will become a little bit more useful.

This just goes to show you that this SDK is pretty powerful, it only took this developer a few hours worth of work and now we have a working app. I can’t wait to see what the developers are able to do in 3 months.


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Demoed Applications At Todays iPhone Announcement

At the announcement today, Apple also had a bunch of applications built for the iPhone demoed at the event by several different developers. These applications will probably be available at the same time the iPhone and iPod Touch software updates will be available… June.

Apple showed an application that allows you to apply OpenGL distortion effects with a touch of the finger to photos. This means you can do all sorts of funny effects on pictures of your friends and family similar to what you can do with Photo Booth on the Mac. This app was built in 2 days with the SDK.

The next application that they showed off is called Touch Fighter, it’s a 3D OpenGL game that uses the accelerometer for steering and uses finger tapping to shoot your weapon. This app was built in only 2 weeks with the SDK.

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iPhone App Wishlist

Macworld has a great article up of 25 applications that the Macworld staff would love to see for the iPhone.

They mentioned a few applications that I don’t think would be that great and I wouldn’t care to see on the iPhone but they did mention a few that I would love to see on the iPhone.

Photo Booth, yes Photo Booth, the iPhone has a great camera and if you could do all sorts of silly effects with it like you can do on your Mac I think a lot of people would waste a lot of time playing around with it, especially kids.

Airfoil for the iPhone would be great as well, the ability to stream music from your iPhone to airport speakers would be great, and if there was an Airfoil speakers app for the iPhone you could stream music from iTunes to the iPhone… Awesome.

Finger paint tool, another one of these applications that would be great for kids but would be good for adults to, a lot of times I’ll find myself in a conversation where drawing something out would help me prove my point a little bit but there isn’t any paper around, if I could pull out my iPhone and draw something really quick that would be something I would pay money for.

A Twitter client, I love Twitter, and most of the time I use Twitterrific for all my Twitter needs, if I could get Twitterrific on my iPhone I wouldn’t have to use up all my SMS messages for the month.

There are several more apps that are really great, head on over to Macworld and check out the full list.

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Airfoil 3.1 Released With AppleTV 2.0 Support

One of the first things I wanted to play with when I downloaded the AppleTV software update was AirTunes. The ability to play music from any computer in my house through the speakers in my living room was a really cool concept.

I also went out and downloaded the trial version of Airfoil which lets you take sound from any application on your computer and sends it over AirTunes. Unfortunatly Airfoil didn’t work with the AppleTV then.

Today Rogue Amoeba released version 3.1 of Airfoil which DOES work with the AppleTV. So I just downloaded it and played around with it and it works great. Right now I’m listening to Pandora through the speakers in my living room and it sounds great.

I suggest that everyone with an AppleTV spend the $25 for this program because it is worth every penny.

Oh, and it works for the Mac as well as Windows.


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iAno, Piano App For the iPhone

iAno really uses the multi-touch functionality of the iPhone by allowing you to basically play piano on your iPhone. This would really be a great app to show off what your iPhone can do and it will surely give the iPhone some wow factor. The application was developed by someone going by the name Mr Aardvark and gives you a 4 octave keyboard with arrow keys at the top of the screen to navigate around the piano.

Mr Aardvark is planning on updating the app to use a full 88-key keyboard, switchable sample sets, recording and playback, as well as support for loading .MID tracks.


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FlyTunes Launches Today

FlyTunes, which I first found out about during CES, is supposed to be debuting today. The service allows you to listen to internet radio with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

FlyTunes is just a web application that can be accessed through mobile Safari, but has some great features, you can customize stations on your PC or Mac and then login and listen to them on your iPhone.

One more interesting tid bit is that it can queue up to a half hour of music to listen to if you happen to be leaving an EDGE or Wifi covered area, and all of this is free.


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“Add to Home Screen”

As soon as I found out that firmware 1.1.3 was available I downloaded it through iTunes and began to play around with it. Quickly I realized that the best part of the update was the new maps features but just a day or so after that I really started playing with the new “add to home screen” feature of Safari.

I’ve already added 11 apps to my home screen and they are:

•    Google Reader
•    Twitter
•    Weather Underground
•    iGas
•    iPhone Cinema Listings
•    Bejewled
•    Solitaire
•    Frenzic
•    Castle Feud
•    Tic Tac Toe
•    Amazon

This feature is really growing to be one of my favorites on the iPhone. But, I was
wondering what web apps my readers have added to their iPhones home screens.

I’ve tried searching for new and interesting apps in Apple’s web app directory but there are just too many apps for me to go through.

So I ask, what cool apps are on your home screen now?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about the apps.

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Zumobi Launches Browser Beta

Zumobi is a browser that lets you easily access and share web based content on your mobile phone. The project is backed by Microsoft and looks pretty cool.

The beta is now available for free and works with any phone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 with Blackberry and J2ME compatibility coming early in the second quarter of 2008.

Zumobi has also announced partnerships with Amazon, MTV, The Associated Press, AccuWeather, etc.

A beta of the SDK is also available allowing developers to start familiarizing themselves with the platform. Developers will be able to potentially earn money on their tiles in the future.


Full press release after the jump

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VOIP and MMS for iPhone/iPod Touch

One of my primary reasons for not being too in to the iPhone/iPod Touch third party app scene is that I couldn’t see one single application that I would really need (or want enough to go through the trouble).

Finally the game has changed, no there are two new apps have been developed that make 3rd party apps worthwhile on the iPhone (in my opinion).

First, MMS for the iPhone. This is very early in development but, you can send MMS messages to other phones. Currently you can only send MMS messages, you cannot receive them, you can also only send images, movies aren’t supported for now. But, the developers say that the limitations will be addressed in future releases.

Secondly, a VOIP application. This is in much earlier development stages than the MMS app, but it does work. The application is actually a port of the Nintendo DS-based SIP app. The developers have been able to initiate calls and receive calls with the client, but it seems to be only a command line application at this point.

These are the types of applications that (if they were in the later stages of development) would probably persuade me to jailbreak my iPhone.

VoIP confirmed!!! – iPod Touch Mods
The Swirly iPhone MMS Application Space

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Photoshop Express Screenshot

John Nack writing on an Adobe blog posted a screenshot of the upcoming Photoshop Express web app.

“Today the crowd at Photoshop World got a quick preview of Photoshop Express, a new application currently in development at Adobe. First hinted at by Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen some six months ago, Photoshop Express isn’t meant to duplicate/replace Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop Elements. Rather, it’s a new member of the Photoshop family that’s meant to make Adobe imaging technology immediately accessible way to large numbers of people.”

He then compares Photoshop Express to Premiere Express saying:

“aims to offer a similarly easy, approachable experience for image editing.”

I’m excited for Photoshop Express, I don’t need to do a lot of photo editing but when I do it isn’t very complicated and this would be a great application for just that.