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Aza Raskin Shows Off Mobile Firefox Concept

This is a pretty amazing demo of what could be Firefox mobile. The interface for the application will be touch screen but not multitouch.

There are definitely a lot of really great and interesting ideas for mobile browsers that I wouldn’t mind seeing in Mobile Safari as well.

Aza Raskin’s Blog

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How Much Should an iPhone App Cost?

With iPhone firmware 2.0 coming this month and with that, the App Store, the question has started to come up about how much iPhone users would pay for applications.

I’ve done some thinking and I’ve realized that I’m not exactly the right person to ask, mostly because I think practically all of the for-pay applications on computers are too much money (I actually think that the average desktop application should cost about $15, adjusted for usefulness of course).

I’ve figured out my prices though and they are as follows:

$0 for little apps that do simple tasks, like check the weather or update Twitter
$5 for pretty much every application that isn’t a game
$7.50 for games

I may be completely wrong though, with games like Suer Monkey Ball and Spore coming to the iPhone, those may be priced more similarly to their Nintendo DS counterparts, around $25.

I don’t know whether or not I would pay $25 or an iPhone game, especially since I don’t know what happens if my iPhone breaks and I need to get a new one, are the applications backed up onto my computer and can they be synced back to my iPhone if I need to do a restore. There are many questions left unanswered, surely many of them will be answered next week at WWDC but hopefully developers won’t price their apps too high, I just don’t want to pay $10 for an iPhone version of Sudoku.

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Latest iPhone SDK Beta May Support Background Apps

So everyone out there who was a little upset when they found out that background apps weren’t allowed may not have to complain for too much longer, The Unofficial Apple Weblog has revealed that the most recent build of the iPhone SDK supports the UIApplication delegate class, which includes methods that apply to gaining and resigning “active” status.

Although there isn’t any documentation on it this could indicate support for background apps.

This makes me very happy but at the same time makes me wonder if this is just Apple building the SDK so that internally they could use the public iPhone SDK to build all of the Apple coded apps. This way Apple employed developers would be able to use the SDK that everyone else uses without having to do any tricks to make background apps work.


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MacHeist and MacUpdate Bundles, Get Mac Apps On The Cheap

The MacHeist bundle has been revealed and it includes 12 Mac applications:

DEVONthink Personal
Bugdom 2
Nanosaur 2

The bundle is priced at $49 and is on sale through the end of the month online, MacHeist also plans on releasing the bundle as a boxed version in stores later this year. [MacHeist]

The second bundle available is from MacUpdate and includes 10 applications for $64.99.

Parallels 3.0
DVDRemaster Pro
Art Text
Sound Studio
Banner Zest

The bundle sale runs from April 16-29th. Currently Parallels, BannerZest and Sound Studio are locked until some sales goals are met. Historically the goals for these types of bundles are always met so I wouldn’t worry too much that you won’t get the applications unlocked that you wanted. [MacUpdate]

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More iPhone/iPod Touch Quake 3 Info

GameCyte has gotten a hold of the programmers of Quake 3 for iPhone/iPod Touch and have made it very clear that this is real (video here). But, unfortunately the team doesn’t have any plans to make the demo public.

The programmers spent between 8 and 12 hours getting the game running on the iPod Touches using jailbroken devices, no official SDK, and modified code that added basic accelerometer support. They also claim that running a full 64 player match wouldn’t be out of the question.

What is in question is why the heck they aren’t going to make it public? This thing would be huge for anyone with a jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone. According to GameCyte “they’re madly coding … to port their own Space Trader to iPod and iPhone, hopefully in time to be released in June with the official iPhone App Store.”

The game looks pretty cool though and just shows you what you can do on this little device with a little bit of elbow grease and some knowledge to back it up.


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Radioshift for the iPhone

Radioshift is a great program developed by Rogue Ameoba that lets you listen to and record streaming radio programs. I purchased it about a month ago and have been using it extensively to record many different radio programs.

Well Rogue Ameoba has been developing Radioshift for the iPhone and it is looking pretty good. TUAW had the privilege of being able to get a demo of Radishift Touch.

Just like in the desktop version you will be able to browse a guide of available radio programs, you can also view a map of the world with different points on it indicating where various radio stations are. You can browse by genre, browse by what is popular, and add radio programs to your favorites list.

I don’t know whether or not there will be any integration between the desktop version and the touch version but I sure hope so, maybe Rogue Amoeba will be able to find a way of syncing recorded programs for the desktop version with the touch version so that users won’t have to export to iTunes anymore.

TUAW (Video Demo)

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15 Great Mac Apps

AntiRSI – This application will help you take breaks periodically to keep you from getting any repetitive stress injuries. I’ve been using it for a few months and it is seriously helped me from enduring any more wrist and finger pain because of all this typing.

AppCleaner – Basically the same functionality as AppZapper, it is the uninstall app that Apple should have made, AppCleaner is free and helps you get rid of all the extra files that applications leave on your hard drive that can sometimes be a little hard to get rid of.

Firefox – Yes, I know, everyone knows about Firefox but it deserves mention because as Safari gets better and better people seem to often forget that Firefox has so much more functionality just because of the vast amount of extensions available for it.

Handbrake – The ultimate DVD ripper for the Mac, with the large amount of presets built into the application Handbrake will help you get your movie where YOU want it.

MetaX – After ripping those movies on to your hard drive you may want to add some information to that file such as title, description, or album art, so that when you add the file to iTunes it will have all the movies information, MetaX will help you do that easily.

NeoOffice – You could spend a ton of money on Microsoft Office for the Mac… or you could download NeoOffice for completely free. I’ve used NeoOffice since I got my Mac more than a year ago and have never had any problems trying to open any files.

PandoraJam – Pandora is a great web service that lets you listen to music that is similar to music you like, PandoraJam will let you record that music to your computer.

Quicksilver – The ultimate Mac productivity app. Many people just use it as an application launcher, but that is just the beginning of its features. You can also find many skins to make it look exactly how you want it to.

RapidoResizer – Very often you will find yourself needing to resize an image, this makes it quick, easy, and painless. You can also save the image out to nearly any image format to help out in getting small image sizes in pixels and in kilobytes. It’s great for bloggers.

SuperDuper! – Time Machine is a great backup tool, but it is also very important to have a second backup, and it would be really nice if Time Machine didn’t take 2 hours to restore your whole computer, SuperDuper! makes bootable backups easy, this way if anything goes wrong with your hard drive you can be back up and running in about 5 minutes.

The Unarchiver – I know that Apple’s Finder can unzip all sorts of archives but it doesn’t do it as well as the Unarchiver does. The Unarchiver can open basically any archive type that has ever been made.

Transmission – Simply the best bittorrent application available for the Mac. Transmission has all of the features that you want in a bittorrent client. Transmission recently got a facelift after Leopard was released and now it looks gorgeous.

Twitterrific – Twitter is the not-so guilty pleasure of most geeks and Twitterrific makes updating Twitter and viewing others tweets as easy as pie.

iSquint – Handbrake is great for converting DVDs but what about those videos that you find online, iSquint is a super simple app that will convert nearly any video to an iPod friendly format.

Paintbrush – Have you grown dependent on the many things you can do with Microsoft Paint? Have you been frustrated several times since you purchased your Mac because Apple hasn’t built a Paint-like application? Paintbrush can help.

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Quake 3 Coming to iPhone and iPod Touch

This is the first video I’ve seen of a first person shooter for the iPhone/iPod Touch and I’m actually pretty excited about it, I’m not really a big fan of first person shooters but I think that the addition of accelerometer controls will change the whole way that I think about first person shooters.

In the video it also looks like the two iPod Touch’s are playing a multiplayer game which would be really cool, but I’m worried about how much battery life you would get playing a game that isn’t just using a lot of processing power because of the graphics but also using the Wifi networking to play multiplayer, maybe 2 hours or so of gaming? Anyways, check out the video and look forward to bad battery life because of all of these games.

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iPhone Application Wishlist

So today I started thinking about some of the applications that I couldn’t wait to see on the iPhone. I came up with, what I think is, a pretty good list of apps. Some of these apps I know are coming to the iPhone while others I just hope to see. But, I thought I’d share them with you all.

  1. Dictionary – I often times need to look up the definition of a word and it has always frustrated me that I have to use Safari to look it up.
  2. Twitterrific – I’m fairly certain that if Twitterrific doesn’t show up for the iPhone another Twitter client will show up, but everyone loves Twitter (and if you don’t, you should) and a Twitter app would be great for the iPhone (I’m really tired of useing SMS/Safari to update Twitter).
  3. MarsEdit – For all of you bloggers out there I’m sure that while you are out on the town you may receive an email letting you know that one of those long posts that you put up an hour or two ago has a pretty major error in it, you could use the online editor on your iPhone but that would take FOREVER, MarsEdit would make situations like this incredibly simple to just open the app, tap on the post, and edit it in no time.
  4. Podcast Aggregator – The iPhone has an internet connection, and we already know that it does pretty well downloading audio files to the device but what we haven’t seen is a way to download audio files that aren’t from the iTunes Music store. If I could just open up an app that downloaded all of my audio podcasts directly on to my iPhone I wouldn’t ever have to deal with audio podcasts touching my computer, they would just go directly to where they are ultimately going to end up, the device I’m going to listen to them on.
  5. Pandora – Of course you can fill your iPhone with tons of music but sometimes you just want to listen to something different, Pandora is my favorite “radio station” online that lets you listen to music that is similar to what you like. I would love to be able to take that wherever I want and listen to it on the go.
  6. Document Viewer – Although you can view documents on the iPhone through MobileMail, that means you have to email them to yourself as an attachment, it would be really nice to have a stand along application that let you view documents. I don’t exactly know how you would be able to get documents on to the iPhone for the app to view but, I’ll let the developers take care of that one.
  7. Flickr Uploader – I LOVE Flickr and I would like to be able to upload pictures from my iPhone to Flickr, this would skip the step of having to sync them into iPhoto before uploading them to Flickr.
  8. Photo Booth – Apple showed off a Photo Booth like application when they announced the SDK and I really can’t wait for it, sitting down at dinner with the family and while we are all sitting there and talking after we finishing eating I’m sure we would all have a few laughs taking pictures with the iPhone and distorting the photos of family members.
  9. Super Monkey Ball – I needed to pick one game for this list, mostly because I like to play games, but also because I can’t wait for Super Monkey Ball. I’m really excited to be able to soon get my hands on the new fangled control scheme when it comes to portable gaming, and Super Monkey Ball lends itself very nicely to the accelerometer controls.
  10. More Detailed Weather App – The weather widget is nice but I find myself wanting more information about what the weather is actually going to be, it’s nice to know that it is going to rain on Sunday but I’d also like to know the likelihood of that happening.
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iPhone Pwnage Tool Released To The Public

After a bit of a delay the iPhone Pwnage Tool (previously posted about here), which is used to flash your iPhone with hacked firmware and give you the ability to basically do whatever you want with your iPhone, is now available for download. Gizmodo has been trying it out and says:

“it works well, but you will need a hacked version of the iPhone firmware to try it.”

All you have to do to use the PWNAGE tool is:

  1. Get your hands on a hacked version of the firmware
  2. Backup your iPhone data using iTunes
  3. Open up Pwnage Tool
  4. Select the hacked firmware from your hard drive
  5. iPwn the iPhone

Gizmodo also mentions that you shouldn’t use the latest 2.0 firmware because it isn’t very stable.

iPhone Dev Team

Video of the tool after jump

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Kart Game Built For the iPhone

This is a pretty cool looking game, If the controls for it weren’t touch based but were for the accelerometer I’m sure this would be a blast to play.

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Apple Bans Music Apps From iPhone

Although app developers may be able to build such applications and might even be able to get it past Apple and get it in the AppStore, Apple is not letting developers access any functionality of iTunes.

That means if Amazon built an application that would let you purchase music through the Amazon store right off of your phone you wouldn’t be able to sync those songs back to iTunes.

So unless some creative developer comes up with some way of letting users get songs purchased on the iPhone back to their computers it may be a useless effort.

I really hope that Apple, in time, opens up the SDK a little bit more and allows developers to be a little bit more creative and do some of the things that developers would love to be able to do. Its easier for Apple to release the SDK with less functionality and add some later than it would be for them to release it with tons of functionality and limit it later on.