Apple Surveying New Apple TV Owners

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Apple might actually be unsure of where to go with their little “hobby”. The Apple TV hasn’t really changed that much since its introduction. The ability to rent movies and buy content from the iTunes store was nice but in the grand scheme of things it really is just a way for Apple to make […]

Apple TV Sales, Mac Netbooks, and iPhone Nanos

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During Apple’s latest earnings conference call Tim Cook said said that sales of the Apple TV were up 3 times what they were at the same point last year. Although they still describe the Apple TV as a hobby Cook noted, “We think there’s something there.” I’m convinced that the Apple TV was the best […]

Apple Rumors: Blu-ray Drives in Macs, iWork ’09, iLife ’09, and a Networked HDTV

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Although Apple’s invitation clearly stated that they will be talking about notebooks there have been several rumors lately that have cropped up and many of them coming from fairly reliable sources. Kevin Rose said in the latest live Diggnation episode (not currently available for download) that Blu-ray drives would become an option for high end […]

aTV Flash Allows for Plug and Play Apple TV Hacking

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I actually first heard about the aTV Flash a month or so ago but decided not to write about it because it seemed a little fishy to me. But, now that some of the bigger blogs out there decided to write about it I figured it must actually work. The idea behind the aTV Flash […]

AppleTV DVR Patent Makes Me Excited For the Future

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AppleInsider reported yesterday that Apple had filed a patent for a DVR application that could be used in future releases of the AppleTV. The DVR would have on screen menus similar to what you would find in DVRs of today but would also feature a remote with an LCD screen that would let you decide […]

iTunes 7.6.1 and Weekly $0.99 Movie Rentals

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Yesterday Apple released version 7.6.1 of iTunes which fixes several unnamed bugs and improves compatibility with the AppleTV 2.0 software. Apple also announced that they will begin offering a discount on select movie titles for rental. There will be one movie per week that will only cost $0.99 to rent, starting with the movie The […]

Airfoil 3.1 Released With AppleTV 2.0 Support

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One of the first things I wanted to play with when I downloaded the AppleTV software update was AirTunes. The ability to play music from any computer in my house through the speakers in my living room was a really cool concept. I also went out and downloaded the trial version of Airfoil which lets […]

Apple Releases AppleTV Update

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I just downloaded the AppleTV Take 2 and at first glance it is really great. From all that I’ve played around with it, I do have one problem with the update, it is too centered around purchasing content. I already have content on the AppleTV, mostly podcasts and I don’t like that I have to […]

AppleTV Update Delayed, MacBook Air Shipping

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Yesterday I posted about my excitement for the AppleTV update and of course, today Apple had to go ahead and delay the release of the software update by one or two weeks. I’ve been waiting for nearly two weeks to watch “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” it has been sitting on my MacBook […]

AppleTV Update Coming This Week

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Two weeks ago today was the Steve Jobs Macworld keynote and on that day he said that we will be seeing a software update for the AppleTV in two weeks (which is today). I’m really excited for this software update, as many of you know I got my AppleTV for Christmas and have been enjoying […]

iTunes Rental Frustrations

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First off I want to say that I was all kinds of excited for the iTunes movie rentals and yesterday I decided to finally rent a movie through it, there weren’t very many rentable movies that I haven’t seen (and that I was willing to see) so I decided on “Fantastic Four: Rise of the […]

Apple Announces AppleTV Take 2

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The AppleTV Take 2 isn’t a second AppleTV, it’s just the first AppleTV with a wonderful little software update. This in my opinion is the most important part of this years Macworld. This announcement will really put Apple where they should have been with last years release of the AppleTV, but no matter at least […]

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