Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” Ad Airs (The Ones Without Seinfeld)

The second phase of Microsoft’s new ad campaign has begun with a few new ads seemingly focused on the diversity of PC users. The ad depicted a series of people saying “I’m a PC,” very simple, but gets the point across that everyone uses PCs. The new ads are a direct response to the Get […]

PS3 Ad Shows Screenshot of TV Show Download Feature

The rumor of Sony giving PS3 owners the ability to purchase downloadable video on their consoles has heated up because of a recent ad video floating around the internet. The video seems to show off many of the features of the Playstation 3 but very quickly flashes a screenshot of what seems to be a […]

HTC Begins US Marketing Push With Great TV Ad

HTC has recently started pushing their brand in TV, print, outdoor, and online advertising marketed towards the US market, now, HTC isn’t exactly new to the market game but they haven’t ever done it before in the US. It isn’t like we haven’t heard of HTC, they have built many wonderful carrier branded phones, but […]

Apple Sanctions Custom Ringtones And a New Apple Ad

Apple has officially began supporting user created ringtones for the iPhone. For some time you have been able to add custom ringtones to iTunes 7.5 and iPhone firmware 1.1.2 but now Apple has made it a little easier. Apple has a page in their support documents showing you “how to create custom ringtones in GarageBand […]