Samsung’s 2nd Gen Blu-Ray Player

For $799 Samsung’s 2nd generation Blu-Ray player is a step in the right direction for Blu-Ray. It’s $200 cheaper than the previous version and also incorporates a Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor. The BD-P1200 will output up to 1080p and has a HDMI 1.3 connection. It has a great selection of audio options including 192KHz […]

Toshiba Debuts HD-DVD Burner for the Desktop

Toshiba announced the first desktop HD-DVD burner ever and I hope it will come with some software to watch the movies. Quick bit of the specs: S-ATA interface 8MB Buffer 1x HD-DVD Single and Dual Layer Burning (SLOW) 2.4x Dual Layer DVD Burning 8x DVD-R Singe Layer Check out the announcement page here which also […]