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Apple May Allow Background Apps in Firmware 3.0

“While we aren’t sure what the specific issues are, we’ve heard that as an alternative Apple is considering allowing apps to run as user selectable background processes. If so, this feature would likely come in the rumored iPhone 3.0 software update but would be limited to only one or two processes on current hardware. The next generation iPhone, however, would likely see less restricted background process support due to its improved hardware.”

So if it is user selectable I wonder if Apple will require developers to (if they want to have a background app) allow users to choose whether they want it running the background when closed and if not the app will save whatever your doing when the home button is pressed.

This seems like a very viable solution and I’ve often wondered why Apple didn’t just have a limit on the number of apps you can have running in the background at a time. 2 Would probably be a good number of apps and the way they would be selected would be just to have the most recent two apps that were opened be the background apps.

Apple to Allow Background Tasks on iPhone? – Mac Rumors.

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Would You Pay Netflix $9.99 to Stream HBO Content?

Netflix HBO Content Survey

Netflix sent a survey to some of their customers asking if they would be willing to pay an extra $9.99 per month to stream HBO shows through Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature.

The shows listed in the survey are:

  • Big Love
  • The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
  • Flight of the Concords
  • Eastbound & Down
  • Entourage
  • Summer Heights High
  • In Treatment
  • Little Britain USA
  • Real Time with Bill Maher
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • The Life & Times of Tim
  • Sex and the City
  • The Sopranos
  • The Wire
  • Def Comedy Jam
  • Rome
  • Deadwood
  • Extras
  • Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry
  • Six Feet Under
  • Da Ali G Show

I personally wouldn’t pay an extra $10 to watch any of the shows above, not just because I’m not interested in any of those shows, but also because I don’t stream over Netflix that often. In the entire time that Netflix streaming has been available I’ve only watched one movie with it. I just don’t really enjoy sitting in front of my computer watching long form content and I’m also not willing to pay $100 or more for a device with Netflix streaming built in.

But, this idea got me thinking that Netflix could become the premier IPTV service. If they could charge you an extra $30-50 would you pay to be able to stream practically all of the content that is available to you from your cable company? Although the quality might not be as good it is an on demand service in which you pick what you want to see in your “channel linup” (or your queue in Netflix’s instance). I’ve talked before about the IPTV Dream in which you could order service from anyone in the world and since the delivery mechanism is there (your internet access) it didn’t matter your physical location or you IPTV providers location you could order from whoever you wanted. I just wonder if Netflix is heading towards that goal, towards that dream of a huge selection of media where there is something for everyone and for one low price you can watch as much as you like.

I leave you with two questions to ponder (or comment below about).

Would you pay $9.99 for HBO content?
Do you think Netflix will be the Vonage of IPTV?

Hacking NetFlix : Netflix Survey: Would You Pay an Additional $9.99 Per Month for HBO Shows?.

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References to GDrive Appear in Google Pack File

GDrive Reference

Some references to the long rumored Google service “GDrive” have appeared in a file used by Google Pack. The file categorizes GDrive as a Online file backup and Storage service and has the following description:

“GDrive provides reliable storage for all of your files, including photos, music and documents. GDrive allows you to access your files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device – be it from your desktop, web browser or cellular phone.”

This is some pretty hard evidence that GDrive is indeed a reality but truthfully other than the fact that it will be done in Google’s own style the service will really only be an online storage service.

Currently the online storage service is chock full of competitors and even though Google will come in a bully them around a bit there is no indication to me that Google will do it right. To have a great online storage service you need to have some sort of desktop app. I can’t think of a single desktop application from Google that I would actually install on my computer. The only app that is even worth looking at is Picasa, but that is only because in the Windows world there aren’t any good free photo management applications and Picasa is the best option.

I know that everyone wants to look at Google as this big friendly company that can do no wrong but from what I can see, the only services that they built themselves that are worth using is their search engine and Gmail, everything else that I use (and probably most of you use) are apps that Google acquired.

I hope that Google can get it right, I really do, but from my perspective there really are no indications that they can do it.

First Official Description of GDrive.

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Garmin and Asus Launch Co-Branded Nuvifone Line

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone

Garmin and Asus have just announced a strategic alliance to design and build co-branded mobile phones. The original Nuvifone announced by Garmin will now be called the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 and will be the beginning of a line of cell phones built by the two companies.

The Nuvifone G60 is still scheduled to be released in the first half of 2009 and there is still no carrier or price but Garmin says that they are in active negotiations with North American GSM carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile).

The next phone in the Nuvifone linup won’t be running Android but will be running another major platform, which most likely means Windows Mobile (and most likely means it will be garbage) but this will be revealed for certain at Mobile World Congress next month.

Garmin and Asus will most likely still be building an Android powered phone, since both of them are in the handset alliance but it won’t be the next phone after the G60.

This new agreement will use the manufacturing power of Asus and the software development skill of Garmin to (hopefully) build some pretty powerful cell phones.

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 Back

Garmin-Asus ~ Phones for the location-based life.