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Sony Ericsson W995 Gets Demoed On Video

Sony Ericsson W995 video hands-on – Engadget.

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Android Finally Gets Support for Priced Applications

Hopefully this will get some more developers on board. But, I don’t know if this is what Android needs, personally I think Android needs a better user experience. The developers working on the core code of Android should worry more about how well the OS works and that should be the focus right now.

Just remember that Apple didn’t even launch the App Store until their phone worked well.

Android Developers Blog: Android Market update: support for priced applications.

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Intel introduces 32nm Westmere Processors

Intel's 32nm Westmere Processor

Chipzilla says it’s close to ramping 32nm process technology to manufacture the 32nm Westmere version of Nehalem. The company demonstrated a working 32nm Westmere processor for the first time today, smugly noting the firm was well on track with its ‘Tick-Tock’ model.

Usually when Intel shrinks their processors they don’t add any new features to the processor themselves, but this time not only did we get a die shrink but there are new microcode instructions for encryption and decryption slapped on for good measure.

With this move to 32nm Intel is continuing to shrink its transistor size by 50% every two years. Westmere-based processors will push the current Nehalem processors into the mainstream allowing even more affordable high performance processors for everyone.

Intel introduces 32nm – The Inquirer.

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MobileMe Finally Gets File Sharing Features

MobileMe File Sharing 1

MobileMe was originally demoed with a file sharing feature, allowing a user to upload a file to their iDisk and then choose to share it publicly with or without password protection. Apple even went so far as to allow you to set an expiration date on the link that you gave out to friends.

When MobileMe was launched the feature was mysteriously absent. But on the 12th Apple finally let the feature loose to all of those MobileMe users.

Unfortunately I don’t have MobileMe so I was unable to test the service before writing this post, but if it works as well as it seems I’m sure it will be a great way for those who pay for MobileMe to share files with friends and family.

MobileMe File Sharing 2

Apple – MobileMe – News – Sharing Large Files with iDisk.

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Nvidia is trying to make an x86 chip – The Inquirer

Word reached us a bit ago that Nvidia is definitely working on an x86 chip and the firm is heavily recruiting x86 engineers all over Silicon Valley.

Seems like an odd thing for Nvidia to do but with the recent dreams of building a GPU into a CPU it is something many of people have predicted.

The worry of course is that Nvidia doesn’t have a license to the x86 instruction set and from what I’ve read there is little chance that any company who could license it to Nvidia would license it. Now obviously this is a rumor and the idea that Nvidia would blatantly ignore the law is a little silly but weirder things have happened in this crazy place we call the technology sector.

Nvidia is trying to make an x86 chip – The Inquirer.

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Google Sync Beta

Google Sync keeps your calendars and contacts synced from Google’s servers to your iPhone (or other phone) by pushing the data between the two places.

The video above explains it all but I can tell you right now that if you aren’t into the whole Google ecosystem it isn’t exactly for you. Since my Contacts and Calendars sync to my iPhone through iTunes I don’t really see any benefit to using this. I would rather live in the Apple ecosystem then the Google ecosystem just because I like the fact that everything is stored on my computer and no one elses.

Google Mobile – Sync.

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Google Chrome Running On OS X

Chrome Running on Mac

The developers who have been working on Chrome over at Google have shifted gears from layout tests and WebKit compatibility to getting the user interface up and running on the Mac. Over the past few weeks the team working on the project have improved the code to the point where they have a fairly well running Cocoa UI and on top of that the app in its current stage will actually let you open and close tabs, which also opens and closes processes which the developers can watch happen using Activity Monitor.

Google has come along way with Chrome and although it might not ever get me to switch from Firefox I will sure be glad to have another competitor in the browser space, even if it only makes other broswers faster at rendering (but I would rather have web pages render faster than have a feature race).

Sucking less, on a budget: It’s Alive.

Apple iPhone Photos Rumor

Photo of Matte-Back iPhone Emerges

iPhone Matte Back 1

Obviously this is a rumor and there is no way of knowing whether or not this is true but these images appear to be a new iPhone model number A1303.

The new case seems to have a matte finish instead of the current glossy look and the case also seems to have the usual model no., FCC ID, etc. etched onto the material which leads the iPod Observer to believe that the case is made out of metal instead of plastic. I don’t see Apple moving back to metal because of issues with the antenna but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple found another material that was as strong as metal but let cellular signals through.

I hope that Apple will show us something in the world of iPhone this summer as they have been over the past two years and maybe this will be the new model. All I can say for sure is, when the next iPhone comes out I’ll be waiting with cash in hand.

Leaked iPhone Photo Suggests Matte Black Revision | MacBlogz – One Stop Apple News.

More images after the jump.


Netflix Passes 10 Million Subscribers

Netflix Logo

Everyones favorite DVD rental service Netflix has surpassed 10 million subscribers. This number was reached by the company adding more than 600,000 subscribers since the first of the year.

Don’t be surprised to see Netflix continue to grow at nearly this rate going forward, especially with consumer confidence being where it is. I see a lot of consumers choosing to use Netflix instead of cable service, not only is it cheaper but with all of the streaming options out there (like the XBox 360) customers can watch what they want, when they want, for a good price.

Netflix Passes 10 Million Subscribers « NewTeeVee.

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New MacBook Owners Face Headphone Jack Issues

No one really seems to know what the problem is but it might have something to do with either the piece that actually holds the headphone jack in or some sort of weird interaction caused by the integrated mic in the headphone jack of the new MacBooks.

AppleInsider | MacBook owners frustrated by new audio jacks.

Apple iTunes Linked List Rumor

Apple To Release iTunes Replay On-Demand Video Service

Apple is believed to be wrapping up a new feature in iTunes 8 that will allow users to stream their iTunes video purchases directly from the company’s servers for playback anywhere, anytime without eating up local storage.

AppleInsider | Apple prepping iTunes Replay on-demand video service.

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MonoPrice’s Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter Coming Mid March

MonoPrice Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter

MonoPrice has finally published an estimated arrival date for its Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter. The date for the cable is March 15, 2009 and will give all of you recent MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air owners the ability to connect your brand new notebook to anything that can take the (clearly) more universally excepted display connection.

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