DoubleTwist is Now Available

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DoubleTwist is a universal media hub that is now available as a public beta for Mac OS X. DoubleTwist is like iTunes except it works with not just iPhones and iPods but also with other portable media players. Not only will DoubleTwist transfer the media to your player for you but it is also capable […]

The Pirate Bay, Remember When…

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The cartoon above (click to enlarge) is absolutely perfect, it clearly explains why we can’t let these large media companies convince our government that their business is more important than our human rights. Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay – The world’s largest BitTorrent tracker.

MSI’s X320 and X340 to hit in April

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A blatant rip off of the recent MacBook redesign. MSI’s sleek X320 and X340 to hit in April.

iPhone Homescreen Management From Within iTunes

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App management on the iPhone and iPod Touch is really good already but this concept above would make things a lot easier. But, I almost wish that this was the way that you installed apps on the iPhone, just by dragging the app onto a homescreen and than syncing. YouTube – App Management in iTunes […]

First Geforce GTS 240 Card Schematic Revealed

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Geforce GTS 240 is set for an April release. It is a 55nm G92 based 9800GT GPU on a P361 PCB. First GeForce GTS 240 Card Exposed – News and Reviews.

Snow Leopard Might Have Stacks Folders

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When Leopard was released one of the coolest features was Stacks. Stacks were basically just folders sitting in your Dock that when clicked on would fan out to display all of the contents of that folder. Stacks Folders however is a new feature for Snow Leopard that will allow you to navigate through your computers […]

Apple Announces Safari 4 Public Beta

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Apple has announced a public beta of Safari 4 for both Windows and Mac. Apple says there are 150 new features in the browser. I haven’t read through all of the features because that would take a lot of time and since browsers aren’t the most interesting of applications it would also be a little […]

Metal Gear Solid Touch Trailer

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The game is basically going to be another tap to shoot iPhone game but it will have some interesting pinch to zoom features which will (hopefully) make tap to shoot gameplay fun. Konami has revealed that there will be two editions of the game, the special “advance release edition” will come first and you will […]

Stop the iPhone’s AutoCorrect Feature by Typing a “Z”

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A Lifehacker Australia reader found out that if you type a z into any area of the iPhone where auto-correct is used you can type immediately before the z and auto-correct won’t attempt to fix anything. This is especially useful for those you occasionally type in different languages. Stop The iPhone’s AutoCorrect Feature Ruining Your […]

Nintendo DSi Video Tour

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Cips: A Brief Nintendo DSi Video Tour.

Ma.gnolia Data is Gone For Good

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The social bookmarking service Ma.gnolia reports that all of its user data was irretrievably lost in the Jan. 30 database crash that knocked the service offline. How’s that for cloud computing? Ma.gnolia Data is Gone For Good « Data Center Knowledge.

The iPhone: It’s Not a Kindle

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Ever since the Kindle was released I’ve heard several technology pundits talk about how the iPhone could kill the Kindle by just adding some ebook features. The problem of course is that the mosts critical feature of the Kindle isn’t the fact that it has ubiquitous wireless access, it isn’t the Kindle store, and it […]

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