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Elgato Announces EyeTV Hybrid 2009 Edition

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid 2009 Edition

Elgato has announced a new edition of the EyeTV Hybrid USB TV Tuner. The new version includes improved reception of over the air signals, a new enclosure, and built-in FM radio tuner. The new tuner has been built in house by Elgato rather than by an OEM (which is how past EyeTV tuners have been made).

The tuner also includes a one-year subscription to television guide information for the EyeTV software ($20 a year regularly). The tuner itself isn’t the only thing being updated though, the EyeTV software has also seen some improvements including more information in the guide, coming from the switch from TitanTV to TV Guide information. The new software also allows you to subscribe to a season pass of your favorite show so that the software will record every new episode of the show.

EyeTV Hybrid.

Apple MacWorld

Macworld Expo 2009 Predictions

The Keynote is today and since John Gruber has reminded me that according to FCC regulations all Mac-related websites must publish MacWorld predictions. So here are mine.

I expect the iMac and Mac Mini to get processor, hard drive, RAM, and graphics card updates (the new Nvidia chipsets).

I expect to see the new 17″ MacBook Pro that has been rumored to have a fixed battery.

I expect to see iLife and iWork ’09 but I don’t expect them to be going online (but I do think there will be more integration with all of these apps and MobileMe).

I expect to see more info on Snow Leopard, at the very least a rough estimate as to when it would be released.

I expect to see updates to the rest of the Cinema Display line.

I expect to see significant increases in the amount of DRM free content in iTunes.

I don’t expect to see any more announcements but who knows, it isn’t crazy to think that Phil Schiller could come out and show off the iPhone Nano (but I really doubt it).

Cell Phones CES Mobile Rumor

Palm Nova OS is “Amazing”

Palm Nova Hardware Mockup

CrunchGear received some information regarding Palms CES announcements. The announcements will include the new OS, “Nova,” which is said to be “amazing” and will have many applications ready for it when the first Nova phones ship. The operating system is said to be linux based and will have the standard calendar, contacts, and e-mail applications along with a media playback suite.

The phone that will be accompanying the release of Palm Nova will have a touchscreen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The image above is just a mockup of what the new hardware could look like.

Palms announcement should happen this Thursday at CES.

Exclusive: New Palm phone to have slide-down keyboard, large touchscreen.

AT&t Cell Phones Rumor

AT&T Degrades 2G Service to Help Improve 3G Reliability

Rumors have it that AT&T has been reallocating its EDGE service to the weaker 1900MHz band this move is supposed to improve 3G strength in HSPA devices.

I currently am relying on EDGE service with my first generation iPhone and even though I live in a small city of 30,000 or so I haven’t seen any signal issues even when I’m miles outside of town.

It’s odd that AT&T would decide to do this now, unless they are going to begin really pushing 3G coverage to more and more areas and (obviously) eventually phasing out 2G altogether.

I have a feeling that there won’t be too many people affected by this, hopefully AT&T will be smart enough to know where this strategy would work and where it wouldn’t be a good idea, but let’s face it, AT&T has made some mistakes in the past and will obviously make more in the future.

Fewer Bars in More Places: AT&T Network Upgrades Degrade Service for 2G Phones – Open for Business.

Apple iPhone

iPhone Support for Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

I received my Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic about a week ago (the standard ones, not the in-ear ones) and they are great.

In terms of compatibility with the iPhone the iPhone supports all of the headphones functionality except for volume control. It is technically possible for Apple to add support for volume functionality down the line but I wouldn’t count on it.

The new material that the headphone cables are made out of seem much more durable. They feel like they use more rubber than the previous ones did and because of that don’t feel like they are going to rip, tear, wear out, etc. as easily as the my old ones did.

Of course they don’t sound much better than the standard iPhone headphones but I’ll be honest I don’t care all that much about sound quality (and even if I did I don’t know if I’d be able to hear the difference). The headphones are great but I sure am hoping that the rubber around the speakers on the earbuds doesn’t start coming off as quick as my last pair of headphones did.

Regarding iPhone Support of the New Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic.

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OQO to show Model 2+ With 1.86GHz Atom, OLED

I guess I didn’t realize that OQO was even still in business. I can’t comprehend where their devices are supposed to fit in the marketplace.

UMPC maker OQO will soon release the successor to its Model 02 portable PC, which is expected to be as much as twice as fast. The Model 2+ is reported to sport an uncommon 1.86GHz Intel Atom CPU along with 2GB of RAM.

Electronista | OQO to show Model 2+ With 1.86GHz Atom, OLED.

Browser Linked List

Internet Explorer Market Share Dips Below 70%

Browser Market Share, November 2008

website statistics, hit counter, search engine submission.

Apple Rumor Tablet

Apple May Release a 7″ or 9″ Tablet This Fall

TechCrunch claims to have 3 independent sources telling them that Apple is expected to release a 7″ or 9″ tablet to be released this Fall. One of their sources even claims to have seen and handled the prototype and also says that Apple is talking to OEMs in Asia about mass production.

Apple has been experimenting internally with large form tablet devices for years, one source says, but there was concern that users wouldn’t like the device.

Rumors like this come and go but the fact that Michael Arrington would have 3 independent sources on the subject seems a little bit more concrete. I would have to say though that the idea that anyone close enough to the Apple “inner circle” to actually see or handle this yet to be released tablet wouldn’t be the kind that would go telling people about it.

I’m not going to rule out the idea of a device like this being made, in fact I’m sure Apple has experimented with it in the past and is probably doing so now, but I don’t know if I believe that Apple would be releasing one this year. I think the iPhoneOS is just too early on in its life span to be able to handle both a 3.5″ screen and a 7-9″ screen. And, certainly Apple wouldn’t want to take developers away from developing specifically for the “funnest iPod ever.”

If Apple was to make a tablet it would make much more sense for it to be running a full version of OS X modified enough to run a bit easier with just a touch screen.

Large Form iPod Touch To Launch in Fall ‘09.

Backup Linked List

The First Third Party Network Device Compatible with Time Machine

If only the device was cheaper than a Time Capsule, at $599 for 750GB it isn’t even worth it.

The server is also Time Machine compatible, allowing Mac users to utilize the server as a backup drive.

HP unveils Mac compatible home media server | Macworld.

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Garmin Nuvifone Screen Shots

Garmin has posted some screen captures of its upcoming cell phone, the Garmin Nuvifone. It is expected that Garmin will be showing off the device at CES but these images give us an early look at the features the phone will have.

Electronista | Garmin shares nuvifone screen captures.

CES Linked List Microsoft Rumor

Ballmer CES Keynote Announcements Leak

TechCrunch has a run down of what Ballmer will (supposedly) be announcing at this years CES keynote.

  • Windows 7, the successor to Vista, will officially enter public beta.
  • Windows Mobile will support Flash by the end of the first quarter. (This was demoed at an Adobe conference in November).
  • Two new Halo titles will be released for the xBox in 2009 (something else we know already).
  • Home networking made easy!

Overall not a very interesting keynote but then again I’m not sure if Microsoft has announced anything “exciting” since Windows 95 (in my opinion at least, and I was only 7 years old in 1995!).

Ballmer’s CES Keynote Promises To Be A Snoozer Non-Announcements Revealed.